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Underground Rap Video shot on 3 pre-hack GH2s
  • Just dropped today from the artist. Even before the hack, the GH2 was incredible. No budget. Lenses were a Panny 14-42, Panny 20mm, Olympus 28mm/f2, a Canon FD 50mm/f1.8, and a Canon FL 50mm/f1.8. DIY Dolly, Indisystem Shoulder Rig and Slider.

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  • @artiswar Sweet, man! You could never tell that was downtown ABQ. Anyways I'm more of a hobbyist videographer. I have a background in computer animation and compositing but that's long behind me. I do wanna shoot a movie or comedic segments one day though...

    Anyways best of luck with all your projects and keep me in the loop!

  • @killagram - Whoa! Fellow GH2er in NM! Cool! It was shot all in Albuquerque. Almost entirely downtown. The really decrepit, graffiti scences were shot in an abandoned railyard in the industrial district. What do you shoot, mang!?

  • @artiswar - an ABQ local?! Nice, I would have never guessed....which is pretty sad since I live down the street in Santa Fe. Was it also filmed in Albuquerque? I always figured it was difficult to find metro like surroundings in New Mexico (but it's great for nature and mesa backgrounds).

  • @killagram - Justin's an Albuquerque local that's been around the country a bit. In the process of relocating to NYC actually. Glad you liked it!

  • @artiswar sweet ass video considering it's a pre-hack!! Great transitions too and the beat/rhythm is on point. Where is Justin from though? Not that it should matter, but when he said "coffin" it sounded like he had a pretty heavy Boston accent or something...

  • @EeeCeeGee - Thanks man. Really lucky to have such talented artists here locally.

  • Excellent video, love the beats, love the images

  • @Ebacherville - Thank you! Glad you can look past the genre and appreciate it.

    The slider shots towards the end blow me away.

  • looks pretty good. not a fan of the music genera, but good video.