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Best C/Y to MFT adapter?
  • I'm getting conflicting results. I just bought a manual Contax Zeiss lens. I don't need the focusing mechanism on the adapter, I'm guessing. So, what is the most solid for the $?

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  • I just bought a fotodiox. Will let you know after it arrives.

  • If you bought the lens I think you did, then yes, you do need the focusing mechanism on the adapter. CZ lenses are only auto-focus (no focus ring on the lens itself). So you want to get an adapter with an actual focus ring.

    The best one of those is from Metabones:

    It's hell to put on the first time because they don't give you instructions, but once it's on you're good to go.

    Or did you get something different?

    EDIT: That's what I get for skimming.

  • C/Y CarlZeiss should not be misunderstood as Contax G ...??

    I use 2 different low key adapters ( up to Euro 35,-- ) to adapt my Contax/yashica CarlZeiss lenses from the 1980` to my GH1/GH2 .... About the adapters: both focus on more than infinity... both needed to get modification to be totally closed to diffuse incomming light f. ex. in bright sunshine. Both have different play to the GH/lenses The Locks are to be used with caution.... one can be overturned... Generally manufactured with high tolerances!!!!

    not perfect initially, but after the modifications.... amazing results... by video and stills as well...

    with a high quality Adapter surely the handling would be more easy .. if the expensive Adapters are more acurately manufactured! I did not try further

    I use the C/Y CZ 28/2.8 50/1.7 135/2.8 especially the 50 and 135 deliver amazing results in photoportraits

  • Arrived today, as it turns out, it has a nikon mount. It's sort of crappy as my nikon adapters don't grab it the way that they should.

  • Yeah, it's not a native Nikon mount, but has a Nikon adapter on it. I'd recommend removing that and getting a ciecio7 adapter. They're simply amazing.

  • If you want a really good adapter (no autofocusing), buy a cameraquest adapter. They are almost $200 but worth the money. I had one for my contax lenses and it worked perfectly....

  • @cordvision & @Gabel - thanks dudes! I'll look into those. The under $100 nikon to MFT adapters don't work so well.

  • @Gabel , are there any instructions out there that will take me through the process of removing the "mount"?

  • Do you have a picture of the back? Then I could tell you.

  • My fotodiox adapter arrived - really well machined and a great fit at both lens and body. Recommended.