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Alive - GH2 Driftwood Dark Matter V3 outdoors test
  • This is a short piece with two different color grades using the GH2 and the Driftwood Dark Matter Hack. Loving the detail and the gradability of the driftwood settings. Planning on shooting a short narrative in the same location.

    THE LAST SHOT IS JUST A SHOT OF THE MOON with 300mm 2.8 and Tele extended. Detail is amazing... Lenses used:

    Lumix/Leica 25mm 1.4 Tokina 11-16mm Canon 300mm L 2.8


    PS: download the 1080p version, still not as good as the raw footage but better than vimeo compression.

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  • Well composed! Inspiring!

  • @kihlian thanks! Im hoping the actual short narrative im shooting here has that feeling!

  • I find the rhythm of the images very well chosen, is relaxing but not annoing, not easy to do. The colors are also beautiful, what direction you graded?

  • @kihlian for the first half I only used Final Cut and the three way color corrector to manipulate the curve, and add saturation, for the second half I used Magic bullet looks, probably a variation of the bronze setting.

    I usually use the COLOR App in FCP studio, but since this was just a test I stayed within final cut. The color APP is much higher quality and has a lot of refinements

    I really enjoy color grading.