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Recommend GH2 patch for shooting a theatrical production
  • In a few weeks, I'm going to be shooting a local theater's production. I've done this before with my Panasonic TM700, and I've had great results, but I'm considering using my GH2 for this one. But it will require using a patch-- and since much of the patch discussion is a bit on the technical side for me, I'd like to ask for a recommendation.

    I'll be shooting 24fps, and I don't anticipate requiring any of the higher ISO speeds since the stage will be well-lit. I'd like to install a patch that enables good quality audio, a bit rate of at least 28 mbps but no more than 44 mbps, and reliable continuous shooting for perhaps an hour to 90 minutes. Is there a patch that offers this already? Or, if I have to adjust the settings manually in pTools, which settings should I use?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • @Brian_Siano Definitely take a look at the "Recording Classical" thread above. I would just mention that 44mbps is considered at the lowest end of hacked footage with many patches in the 66-75mbps considered to be "low-bitrate".

  • I think classical topic is enough.

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