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Best "All Around" settings for the GH2 as of March 21st. Please help
  • Hey everyone. Noob here. I worked with the hacked GH1 sometime ago. However, I've got a shoot this weekend and thanks to budget constraints and some of YOUR AWESOME footage with the GH2, the shoot is moving forward with said camera.

    My issue: With all the various patches, it's quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, I have VERY limited time to play around and test prior to the shoot dates.

    What is the best "all around", go-to patch as of current? I've seen tons of great samples displaying Driftwood's patches. There's just so many...

    I'm working with some Zeiss ZF lenses and Transcend Extreme 16gb cards. Looking to possibly include some 60fps shots for slow motion and time ramping here and there as well....

    Any help is extremely appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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  • Not enough information... What mode will you shoot in? What ISO setting will you use? Do you need the highest possible quality? Are you fine with high bit rates and large files? Can you tolerate recording failures? How much recording time do you need? How long is your longest take? How many memory cards do you have?

    There aren't any "best all-around" settings. It really depends on how you're shooting and what you need. The various settings are aimed at different things.

    Can you get your hands on better memory cards before the shoot? Transcends are not the best cards for the hacked GH2.

  • Sorry, correction on the cards: they are Sandisk Extreme Pro 16gb cards. I have 3 with a DIT on hand for dumping.

    The ISO settings will vary, with nothing expected to exceed 320 (hopefully). A good bit of daylight shooting with the addition of some well lit interior shots. However, I'm going for a bit of hard light, old hollywood shadowing lighting in places. Thus, more blacks at times.

    Would like to avoid failures, yet don't need any takes over 5 mins max.

    So, I guess you could say, I'm looking for the most versatile, stable patch (and suggested picture mode).....

  • What video mode? What speed card?

    Assuming 24p: at low ISOs with short takes, you have lots of choices. I'd suggest Driftwood Aquamotion v1. Stable, spans, very good quality. Files kind of big - 24 minutes on a 16-GB card. Usable 720p.

    There's a whole bunch of newer Driftwood settings, but I really can't wrap my head around them. The old ones are still excellent.

  • My video test GH2 SEDNA Q20 LENS Mc Jupiter-9 85mm. Card SANDISK 64GB 95MB/S

  • @dmedia , I suggest you check Cake 2.0 or Cluster v1, the best value quality+SD card space and reliability ... My latest test of Cake 2.0 , i was impressed with results ...

  • @dmedia "with a DIT on hand for dumping" sorry don't want to de-rail the thread, just wondered what a DIT is, as I am traveling with GH2 soon and I'm looking for options for dumping SD cards, thanks :)

  • @andyvia68 wrong topic. this is about allround settings.

  • @matthere A DIT is a job position (like director or DP).

    There were some good options mentioned here. I would add SpanMyBU v1 and Sanity v3.1 or 4 (haven`t tested 4 yet) as those have datarates in the 65-75mbps range.

  • Sanity 3.1 is the one I have used the most for 720P in the past, with SpanMyBU v1 preferred for 24P.

  • where can i download the sanity 3.1 patch? ive searched the forum and cant find it. is it for ptools 1.0 or 1.1? sorry, been out of the loop for a couple months and looking for a good all around patch that does 720 60p well.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I'm in between (been testing a but)two Driftwood's right now...with a FCP 7 workflow, which of the two would you suggest : Driftwood 176m GOP1 reAQuainted AQ3 -- or -- Driftwood GOP1 AQ3 166M SeAQuake INTRA?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Reaquainted and Seaquake are very similar to each other for 24p. Reaquainted is the older, simpler, and more stable version.

  • Please define all around?

  • The new hybrid by Zaven looks promising for "all around".

  • I think its quite simple. The best "All Around" settings is the factory firmware. Every card works fine, much better quality then most hacked GH1 patches, and if not in europe, als long as you like...

    Any patches here have their own strength. But all of them will lack in one or more aspects.

    I think a table like it has existed with the GH1 patches would be nice to have. And we do have enough different patches that it will make sense to compare. So who tested (any/most) patches and is able to share?

  • Shooting 1080 24p at ISO 320 or below, and using a new 95mps card, what would be your preferred patch for data rate above 100mbs, good detail and color, low noise and good cadence?

  • Hi. I'm a Noob myself and I was wondering since I don't own Sandisk 32GB/64GB 95Mbps cards...what is the best patch for 1080p24 ( stable, PQ, spanning files - multiple takes, slow motion ) on Sandisk 16GB/32GB 30Mbps Cards?

    Any opinions, suggestion or help is appreciated.


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