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8K smartphone with no time limit and storage
  • Is anyone making a decent 8K smartphone (where the 8K is actually better than decent 4K) with no time limit? Or is it all BS. I wasn't so impressed with the Samsung samples. I'm assuming there's better quality on the way, just wondering if there is something decent now as my ancient Note 5 is on the fritz.

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  • You need to check by Qualcomm chip used, also only few Samsung and Sony sensors have such modes.

    Also check if smartphone is using heatpipes or fan.

    And most important - that type of external cards it supports and their maximum size and writing speed.

  • Couple of things are really strange about this--there's no good info online.
    And, if I join a FB group, and ask the thousands of ppl there, hey, is the video CFR or VFR, no one knows the answer--almost like they don't actually have the phone.