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Why no 1080p 60p?
  • I was surprised that the new Canon Mark III, the Nikon D800, etc, only have 60p @ 720p. That little Sony pocket camera has 1080/60p. I'm hoping the GH-3 will give us some nice 1080/60p for slow mo.

    Is there any technical reason all these new cameras don't or can't offer this frame rate?

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  • I'm quite sure it is related to the time it takes to read out large sensors. small sensor of pocket camera= fast readout times. so these do have an advantage!

  • @disneytoy

    It relates to heating, frequences and many other things. Sometimes it can be just missing lines in technical requests made by marketing.

  • Thanks. It just seems to be a good selling point. Canon and Nikon can't do 1080/60p, but the new GH-3 does. Like that. Basically with the Canon Mark III, that sets its specs for the next 3-4 years.

  • I think, GH3 will have p50 and p60 with about 98% probability.

  • I like the Panasonic Engineers. Now that Olympus has the cool 5 axis stabilization. Canon has Intra 90mb/s. a 4K DSLR promised. I think they will have some goodies for us with the GH-3. Hopefully they take the lead from Canon and not raise the sensor Megapixels much.

  • I really hope they won't raise the megapixels number at all. The sensor is overcrowded already. Will those fuckers at marketing restrain themselves this time? One can dream of a 2 megapixels micro 4/3 sensor with full-frame like dynamic range and highlight roll-off but even if that was possible, it won't happen due to marketing reasons. It's just sci-fi for jerking off late at night.

  • But, even marketing must take into account the features and direction of the new Canon, Olympus and Sony. I think Nikon D800 to a lesser extent.

  • Would also love 120p @ 960x540, or even 640x480 if that's all they could do. Just for fun. Point and shoot Casio's can even do that.