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Blackmagic Design Live Production & Camera Update
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  • You can watch recording now.

  • Can anyone tell me why all BM online events have issues with color and audio?

    Is it old bad tradition?

  • I actually saw the video and thought "Maybe they just want to go for a log look again for consistency."

  • @arum

    Lot of the time it is not log look, it is people who set colors while using DCI-P3 mode on their Macs.

    And I still can't understand how it is possible to have so much issues. Look at leading individual bloggers, or small teams - how superb they can do live events.

  • I was wondering the same thing about Grant’s skin tones. That said I like Grant speaking directly to his user base regardless of the color grade. I hope this never changes as I can tell from Grant’s excitement about the products that it is part of what keepS BLackmagic delivering for their prosumer user base. There Is a fierce competitor behind that unassuming and low key presentation, I am just glad they are completing for the low end of the broadcast and production market.

  • @majoraxis low-end? Is your judgement based on price points rather than feature sets? That is so '90s of you. I work for a national/public broadcaster in a technical management role. We've been using their Decklink cards since forever (20 years?). They're the AMD of the video and film world. They innovate and out-compete on price.