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Hacked GF2 footage topic
  • Now that the new PTool 3.64 supports the GF2 alongside the GH2 (Vitaliy, your work is absolutely amazing!!!), it would be great to see some actual footage with any of the new patches that also work for the GF2. There is bascially nothing out there on YouTube or Vimeo.

    I'd love to add a GF2 to my GH2. Any hacked sample footage would really be helpful in making that decission.

    Thanks to everyone in advance for this. I am sure I am not the only one who'd love to see some tests.

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  • You can find a number of GF2 clips. But they are mostly in specific hacks topics.

  • @Vitaliy - Thanks for pointing me (and others) in that direction, but other than one very short GF2 test that I accidentally stumbled across, the only other one I could find through a GF2 search on your site was this one:

    Since this is a heavily GH2-centric site (and I own one too), I was hoping to encourage more hacked GF2 users to share some of their video tests. There are only 2 videos on Vimeo right now with hacked GF2 footage...

    Thanks to everyone in advance for posting!

  • Hi first time posting on this forum, kind of a newbie. I hacked my GF2 and used Driftwood Quantum X v2 patch. Took a random shot at the danceschool where I work

  • Here's a couple of my Terraquake videos...

  • Wow, if you sync up the second half of my youtube video to the Vimeo video, where the hanging light is in the can really see the difference in quality between Vimeo and Youtube..

  • Anyone done some GH2 v. GF2 shootouts? For example, how well does GF2 hacked match GH2 UNhacked?

  • Shot with the Quantum 100 hack. (GH2) not GF2

  • This says hacked GF2... sorry thought it said GH2.

  • @videohq

    Download latest StreamParser, it has special report mode :-)

  • GF2 - Quantum X V4B

    Duration : 39s 640ms

    Bit rate mode : Variable

    Bit rate : 94.4 Mbps

    Maximum bit rate : 147 Mbps

    Width : 1 920 pixels

    Height : 1 080 pixels

    Display aspect ratio : 16:9

    Frame rate : 25.000 fps

  • @brianluce , from what I've seen on youtube or vimeo, the unhacked version of gh2 produces A LOT better video compared to the gf2. I own a gf2 and unfortunately I think the video mode is complety rubbish on the gf2. The detail resolution is very low and video is lacking details - and you see that when you film something like a forest, a wide shot.

    I was hoping that the increase bitrate will make things a lot better but after loading the quantum rocket I didn't see any big improvements in sharpens in avchd even if the bitrate was a lot higher compare to the stock. I didn't try the m-jpeg but I have no hopes.

    I believe the gf2 has a fundamental different way of getting the images from the sensor compared to gh2, maybe it makes sensors binding or something ? For my eyes it appears as a SD footage upsamples to HD. No way this is a true HD image, I own a canon hd camcorder that shoots HDV on tape , and even if it has a tiny sensor, even if it has a shitty lens compared to the Gf2, it still produces an image A LOT sharper than the gf2 with a lot more details. And remember HDV is only 1440x1080i and still is 10 times better than the 1920x1080i of the gf2.

    I think we are all fooling ourself with the gf2, is a bad camera for video. Look for yourself, you will not find a sharp video of the gf2 on the entire web. Look for wide shots, not close-up. Close-ups are not good for judging.

    On the other hand I find the movies of the GH2 amazingly sharp, even without hacking.

  • @ Vitaly I apologize (i did not see your message). So with corrections...



    Someone agree in some ways with you assertion :

    "...Real resolution in 1080p on the GF2 is somewhere between 720p and 1080p, whilst on the GH2 it is more like real 1080p.

    Though the image processing chip and encoder is basically very similar (probably a slower processor on the GF2), the main difference is that the GH2 has an all-digital output from the sensor and does a more intelligent scaling from 18MP to 1080p on the sensor itself – because it runs faster. This results in far more detail...."

    But, hacked GF2 seems near Canon 5DMKII for the man testing GF2 hacked....

    "...I’m using 44Mbit AVCHD 1080/25p on the GF2 and it gives similar resolution and bitrates to the 5D Mark II – you can definitely intercut despite the smaller crop sensor. Though the sensor is very dated compared to more current cameras, the image processor does a good job in video mode.

    So all in all a very impressive performance given the price! "

    So please, if testers can show us wide detailed shots.... Be welcome !

  • This is for interest .. a very rough edit of a song to help a client decide which parts of an evening they want edited.

    It was shot on 3 x EX3, 1 x EX1, 2 x GF2 (Unhacked), and 1 x GH2 (Unhacked .. wanted the HBR25) and 2 x MC50 (1/3inch Sony)

    4 manned .. 5 statics it was shot a few weeks before the ptools 3.64 .. Australia Day

    Not really graded .. I've pulled levels roughly into line while doing the test edit .. GF2 ( .. auto) were hot, as are the 1/3' cameras.

    I can pick the cameras, you probably can too .. but the client will be happy. The MC50's will be sold, and more GF2's purchased.

    And I think it's watchable .. The GF2 .. in my market is useable stock .. I look forward to some manual control in future ptools

    There is a 48 Track recording of this evening .. that's one of the cameras

  • Agreed, i've bought a Gf2 to use us an unmanned camera, perfect for those cutaway shots providing the lighting doesn't change after setup. Great for event shoots as an other angle.

  • Please, Remember the topic is "Hacked GF2 footage" and not anything outside !

    Best regards

  • I can't remember which settings file I used. Either CBrandin's or Stonebat's mod.

    20mm 1.7 == lense gf2 Size = 253,870,080 Bytes (1,322,240 Packets) Stream: TS Max Speed = 34,359,570 bps Mode = 1080/50i Average PCR Timing Interval = 0.092 seconds Clip Duration = 0:00:30.04 (Quick Test) PCR Duration = 0:00:30.16 Average Total Bitrate = 30,052,627 Average Video Bitrate = 29,047,376 Average Audio Bitrate = 234,812 Average Other Bitrate = 770,438 Max GOP Size = 2,399,040 Bytes (19,192,320 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 751 - 63 / 188 / 499 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 12,672 / 148,164 / 356,736 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 100,992 / 267,050 / 308,736 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 36,288 / 223,018 / 356,736 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 12,672 / 105,250 / 185,856

  • here comes my second test video:

    | gf2 + driftwood quantum x v5b, sandisk 8gb 30mb/s, kit lens 14-42, not color-graded or something like that - it's just cut "out of the box footage".

    there's loads of stuff to work on: high bitrate codec (?) causes video freeze (or worse) in editing process ( - i'll try a downgrade; any recommendations?). obviously, that's a software problem (kdenlive, openshot); replay (mplayer, vlc) works fine. the material itself isn't the best, i know ( - flicker reduction might help here and there + more practice).

    first video, as posted on gf2 stable settings topic:

  • Did some test on my end and saved .avi versioned footage in Vimeo. Check it out:

    -- did it yesterday with all ptool settings as of last Friday on a Class 10 PNY SDHC card. Here some screen-grabs. Tried the 720p...

    1680 x 1050 - 140K
    683 x 333 - 40K
    1680 x 953 - 235K
    685 x 326 - 37K
  • Hi JayB38, was your GF2 handheld in all the clips? I'm impressed by the quality of this really cheap camera, however I think that that GF2, despite of its "compactness" has one of the worst rolling least, comparing it to GH1/2! I don't know if rolling shutter on GF2 is more evident than Canon 550d's.....

  • @AlbertZ, yes it's handheld. I used the Stabilizer for my shots as I don't want no Lars-von-Trier effect.

    --runs and hides--

    I sent that in Vimeo as .avi file as I don't know if they'll accept the full .mts file that it's in. I think in my opinion that quality is key in lit areas or for daytime shots. I'm quite impressed with my day shots be it in AVCHD (1080i) and 720p. Haven't really got the gist of MJPEG as of yet. I wish I knew what settings to use for low lighting.

  • @JayB38 Low lighting? I've watched great clipson vimeo (cheapy CFL) and panny 20 mm f 1.7 ;)

  • Any of you guys tried Cluster v1 yet on the GF2? This is a moderate bitrate patch and 12 PAL/15 NTSC GOP all round. This should be very good performance on GF2.

  • test footage, filmed using a hacked gf2: eoshd gf2 hbr driving around, streets and motorways, day and night

    i'm not so sure if the hack worked though, the bitrate of the source videos is around 17 mb/s! firmware update made problems at the beginning, but in the end it was okay. the bitrate of the rendered video is higher - strange. shooting and cutting process were flawless.

    iAuto, "out of the box" footage, day footage was done with 14-42/3.5-5.6 standard, night footage was done with 14/2.5.

    any recommendations for other settings? pvdog?