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Honor Band 5 Fitbit cheepo
  • Got this on the BF sale with a few coupons. It's still dirt cheap:
    The short verdict: it looks great, has a super Amoled screen, and very good battery life. Way better than the Fitbit it replaced and a fraction of the price. And, best of all, it will find my phone. Turns on when you look at it, has accurate pulse/steps detection. There's supposed to be an Oxygen sensor but I have not figured that out yet. Slim.

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  • In reality Honor Band 5 is rushed rename (almost literally) of Band 4 due to Xiaomi Mi band 4 release :-)

    Overall Xiaomi is better product (if you want to make gift or such) in most regards (but not all). And it is cheaper, as price is $19-21 (shipped) during sales.

  • Xiaomi also good! The Honor 5 has Sp02 and upgraded heart sensor. But the upgraded sensors use a bit more power. The Honor 5 has Amoled display. But, honestly, there's not much difference except the heart rate accuracy and the Sp02 sensor.