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Olympus 75mm vs Olympus $99 40-150
  • OK, so you want that tack sharp goodness at 75mm. And the Olympus 75mm does indeed provide it. But can you get that same sharpness in the centre for cheap? Why, yes you can, Just bolt on the super plasticky and very lightweight Olympus M.Zuiko DIGITAL ED 40-150mm 4-5.6 R MSC. Which one do you prefer, A or B?

    75mm A.jpg
    4592 x 2656 - 2M
    75mm B.jpg
    4570 x 2796 - 2M
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  • Wow they are indeed close. A has an obvious advantage on edge sharpness though. Center sharpness is neck to neck and in portrait use I guess the edge sharpness is a moot point. Cool comparison!

  • Yes, in portrait you actually want more soft far edges.
    So I had seen the blur stats from DxO showing that from 60-70mm (this is 75) the $99 lens was below one blur unit in the centre, which of course what the top lenses do. So I bought it and used it for a couple fo years but I never actually tested it. Yup, it is super sharp in the middle. It craps out after 100mm but think of it as a 40-100 with really good sharpness and the extra 50 is like a digital zoom. If they drilled a screw in it so it wouldn't extend past 110mm they would have sold ten times more. Plus it doesn't weigh anything.