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Rock Solid Settings
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  • @rajamalik, what is 720 burst?
    i did try that patch, because i film practically always in 720 (pal)
    and i did not see any improvement that are better then driftwood settings.

    But i dont use that any further, and to keep ontopic.
    i use AQUAMOTION ver1 Experimental patch, witch works without any error.. )v2 did give some errors)

  • @Griffin - "This topic is for people who have GH2 + 30mb/s or faster Class 10 SD cards."

    That's pretty much the minimum recommendation for running any patch over 50Mbps.

  • @mozes yes aquamotion v2 is not a stable patch. I found the first version very stable. This nine does 720 slow motion burst. It is stable. Trust me driftwood 100 and driftwood v9b are the master blisters. But u need a 45m/s card for q100 and 95m/s card for qv9b to keep them span and bug free. No death chart reported till date from the release.

  • @LPowell yes this topic is for people who own a gh2 with a class 10 sdhc 30m/b or faster card. Please share some stable patches sir. Yes sir it is 50m/s patch or more but stable in panning, long time recording. A error free stable patch in every mode.

  • Griffin Is this thread a joke?

    You start a thread asking people to test patches for equipment that YOU bought. Do we really need threads like this? Not trying to moderate but your attitude towards other people in this thread leaves a lot to be desired. You ignored the advice given to you by the first few posters and you are obviously fishing for answers to problems you could solve yourself.

    What is stopping your from testing patches yourself? - Answer this question!

  • @Griffin

    What makes you so sure that a stable 50 mb/sec patch can be made for every mode and every situation. The 720p settings are very finicky. I can crash any of them over 32 mb/sec even with everyday shooting.

  • My point exactly. Not good for the community that people beg for answers, are rude to those who help, and are not willing to do leg work of their own.

    I give up.


  • This thread will self destruct in t-minus 5...4...3...2.....1....

  • Yep boooom )()(()())

  • No people try to understand we cannot use any slower cards with this high bitrate patches. The very essential is class 10 30m/s and above for extreme tests. see saying these Rick solid thread is for my own card is stupidity. Why because here most of us own extreme cards. If u ask 30m/s majority has it. So this thread is for majority. Essentials and requirements cannot be ignored but if we post some stable patches here we can sure ignore errors :)

  • See Its not like u can crash a 50mb patch with 30m patch. Here we share a patch it will never crash with 30m/s. take it this way. This thread is for those who share the bliss with others. Not for test but the final version the stable one "rock solid patches"


    QUANTUM v9b + FOUR 1080p H - Quantum v9b (spans on 64Gb 95MB/s) 1080p L - Continuous 80% (24fps spans on any size 95MB/S) 720p SH - "FOUR" 720p H - Long Record (+ for electronic m4/3 glass) 1080i FSH - v9b Equivalent (720p FOUR recommended)

    QUANTUM 100 + FOUR 1080p H - Quantum 100 (spans on 30MB/s) 1080p L - Long Record 720p SH - "FOUR" 720p H - Long Record (+ for electronic m4/3 glass) 1080i FSH - v9b Equivalent (720p FOUR recommended)

    Improved by Sage (developed by Driftwood) (stable as Rock if u own a 95 m/s 64gb sdxc card)
  • @rajamalik this is not rock stable .,.. The four has write error

  • @rajamik "i am sure lens does a major role even in stock , but, it only plays a role in bokeh quality sharpness focus and so on... stability of the recording mode and these patch works are 100% software based. lens doesn't perform any role here."

    Please don't make sweeping statements like this without doing any research. They just add to the confusion. This is categoricallly wrong.

    The Panasonic lenses communicate with the camera body using the firmware(software) in the body. So of course the lens affect the "stablity" of the recording mode. Many patches are "stable" with prime lens but get card write errors with panasonic lens because of the added information coming from and going to the body during the write to the card.

    This has been the major problem with all high bitrate 720 60p modes. They seem to work with primes and error with panasonic lens. This information is everywhere, like the low gop thread.