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Z-CAM E1 Camera 100 Mbps hack for 4K DCI (fw v0.31)
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, lol that means bugs will not be fixed. If they need it => they do it

  • @storyboardcreativity

    You think like developer. Adding one more hurdle always filter people, from 10x up to 100x less will go to your place (I mean here people who already used to some other way).

  • @storyboardcreativity you came here originally for a reason....we all know should stay here for the same reason. Github is for coders, not photographers, or videographers. Thanks. You did a great job. I personally would like to see a patch for the 720/120/240p. And for 1080p @100mbps. That might be where this little camera shines.

  • Zlog2 (graded), 100Mbps 4K30P handheld:

    Lumix f2.8 12-35mm OIS lens.

  • @storyboardcreativity Sorry, of course I meant the possibility for not 50-60 MB/s but 50-60 Mb/s for HD :)

  • @AdvUser, lol, it easily can be done. Today I'll do it.

  • Stress Test 4K Video at 100 Mbps: Flowing Water and Moving People

  • @AdvUser, released cumulative patch. It forces 100 Mb/s and All-Intra for these modes:

    • 4K DCI 24 fps
    • 4K DCI 25 fps
    • 4K UHD 23.976 fps
    • 4K UHD 24 fps
    • 4K UHD 25 fps
    • 4K UHD 29.97 fps
    • FullHD 24 fps
    • FullHD 25 fps
    • FullHD 50 fps
    • HD 50 fps
    • HD 59.9401 fps
    • HD 119.88 fps
    • HD 239.76 fps

    You can find "autoexec.ash" in repository. I did not test them, can't be sure that all works correctly. Check it by yourself.

  • @markr041, good job! Thank you for the tests.

  • @ storyboardcreativity 30-minutes time limit for video: I have a E1 EU version with this limit and it would be perfectly if i could do longer recordings... best Robert

  • @storyboardcreativity ....perfect ! You're the man...or woman? @markr041....thanks for the test. I don't have a 4k monitor but I'm thinking I still see a little mud in the water. Could be my comp though. I'm on an internet comp not my workstation. I'd like to hear what @LPowell thinks. And @storyboardcreativity....what were you running that got mjpeg at 200mbps ?

  • @kurth Are you viewing the video by streaming, or did you download the (4K) original? You want to avoid the Vimeo compression to assess, of course.

  • @markr041..problem is download has failed 3x. I think vimeo is having problems.

  • @kurth Vimeo is NOT having problems. I just now downloaded the video from Vimeo. I pay a lot of money per year to Vimeo so that people can download original videos to assess quality. Assessing the compression ability of the camera (bitrate) cannot be done based on video streams, which severely re-compress. The original is 3.6 GBs and was rendered at the same bitrate as the camera in 4K - 100 Mbps.

  • test. 4k, uhd 24p and dci 24p appear to be functioning, as well as 720/120p. But my 1080 24p freezes after 3 seconds. I've only got a class10 card, but I get 10-11 seconds of 4k before it stops, and when it stops, it gives me a "slow card" warning, unlike the 1080 which just freezes, and then I've got to shutdown the camera to unfreeze it. Hopefully someone with an extreme microsd card will test.

  • @markr041...well, I've tried 6 times and it gives me a message, we're having problems. Maybe you should pay them more, or maybe you should realize that the world is a big place and not every location is the same. ps....I get about 2/3's of the file before it fails. And I've got a 200mbps fiber optic connection. 7th attempt .....downloaded 2.6gb at 6mbps at 2:23 minutes...failed again. Usually I can download a 4 gb torrent in less than 5 minutes so it ain't my internet connection.

  • @kurth If Vimeo is truly admitting to you it has problems, then I will report that to them - exactly because I pay money so that you can download. What country are you in?

    I have tested all these hacks and they work fine on my u3 V30 Sandisk microsd card. If you are going to up the bitrate, you need a faster card that is reliable.

    I strongly recommend a V30 u3 Sandisk card. For example, the DJI Osmo Pocket web site has a list of recommended cards. That camera shoots at 100 Mbps, just like the E1 with hack. Your card is not listed, mine is.

  • some browsers can lose connection during a large download and can't resume downloading, if that keeps happening, a download manager like jdownloader might be better. Usually it resumes downloading after interruptions

  • The fact that the 1080p hack froze my camera, versus recording 10 or so seconds like the 4k hacks gave me pause, and I tried multiple times with the same result. But It's good to hear you've tested all of them and they work on your card. Yes...I know what card I need already, thank you. But I live in Mexico and just can't creditcard amazon to bring it to my door. I was able to successfully download it using edge, so it was a browser problem, but vimeo also was windowing a message that said " sorry we have a small problem" or something to that effect. @jleo...thanks for thinking of that possibility.

  • Just found a DSP microcode (that is used for H.264 and MJPEG hardware encoder). Maybe understanding what is in it can help us to make it work better. Now I don't know, what architecture does DSP have, but I hope it's ARM.

  • Yes, seems like Little-Endian ARM. It will take some time to understand, how it works...

  • @storyboardcreativity

    In such LSI code only sets lot of parameters, and it is always hardware blocks that do almost all work.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, as I see, half of the binary is made of debug strings :D

  • Just found maximum allowed settings for H.264 decoder in DSP by next debug strings:

    HDEC_ERR: Only chroma 4:2:0 and mono supported, chroma_idc=%d

    HDEC_ERR: Only High profile 4.2 is supported, profile_idc=%d

  • Got info from camera about sd-card frequency: it's 72 000 000 Hz (72 MHz). I use SanDisk Extreme 32GB card (UHS-I U3).

    I'll try to increase frequency (now I have an ability to check, if it works or not).