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XferMax - Quick SD/XQD/CF Express cards backup solution
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    • Card slots built-in: CF/CFast/SDXC, no external card reader needed
    • Copy speed up to 140MB/s, when SSD installed
    • Easy to install/uninstall HDD or batteries
    • Memory card file format: FAT32 - exFAT (individual file is larger than 4GB)
    • USB Port - 1x USB3.0 and 1x USB2.0
    • Price around $499 at
    • Will be available also at

    590 x 737 - 47K
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  • @DrDave

    For example our teams can use such, as it is light and you can handle it mid day to someone.

    But it is not SD copy speed that set bounds, it is crappy US internet :-). Horrible fucking shit.

  • You know, it absolutely would be more convenient. Right now, I have this super light HP notebook, and I use two or even three USB Card readers to load the SDXC cards onto the SSD simultaneously. It is super fast, probably faster than this gizmo, but in the field it might be nice to just have a small box like that. I'm not sure the X8 would be as fast, however, and I need to bring the mini note anyway to record the parallel audio and even check the video. Still, if the price came down it would be handy--I'm sure some ppl would not blink at the price but for me it's a bit overpriced.

  • @DrDave

    I think your note has only SD card slot and not working at such speed. It is also around 4x bigger.

    Thing about this is that it saves time, each day, a little. But it is for people who are at work a lot, need fast backup or need to hand their content fast (read - modern media or corporate things).

  • This would be really handy in the field, but I can do all of this on my ulralight notebook, which cost me $250.
    I'd pay $100 for it max.