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GH2 fw 1.0E vs 1.0F
  • Hi to all. I have bought recently new GH2 from EU. Today I have decided to update of my GH2 of modified 1.0E fw instead of a factory installed fw 1.0F (version F is visible in service a mode). As a result I have received a surprise, at observance of all requirements for updating at presence in a root folder of a card of a file of the modified 1.0E fw file, its GH2 simply doesn't see it. At pressing play button the camera simply offers viewing of contents of a card. At placing in a root folder both versions, modified 1.0E fw file and new official 1.1 the camera also sees nothing. And only at presence in a root folder of official version 1.1 my GH2 suggests it to be update. How I understand, without hacking 1.0F or 1.1 way to the expanded functions for new bodies GH2 is closed? Excuse me for my English :) Thanx!

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