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Tascam TH-07 High Definition Headphone Monitors
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    TASCAM has introduced the TH-07 High Definition Headphone Monitors. A premium headphone intended to duplicate the audio quality of high-end near field monitors, the TH-07 has been tuned for full but natural bass, flat mid-range, and clear high end and is suitable for mixing, monitoring, or any audio task demanding outstanding quality. The new headphones employ custom-made 50 mm drivers and offer a wide 10 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response and sensitivity of 100 dB ±3 dB. Their closed-back design allows a full bass response while blocking out most external noise.

    With its circumaural design and earcups of soft, pliable leather that fit snugly over the ear, TH-07s remain comfortable over long sessions, even when wearing eyeglasses. The earcups can be rotated and angled for maximum flexibility and easy one-ear monitoring and provide substantial isolation from sounds in the outside world.

    The TASCAM TH-07 comes with two detachable cables. One cable is coiled and shorter for low-clutter, short-distance work and has a 1/8-inch connector; the other is straight and longer (approximately 8½ feet) and has a multi-connector that accommodates both 1/8-inch and ¼-inch jacks. Both cables have gold-plated connectors. A leather bag with a pull-tie closure protects the headphones when they are being transported or not in use.

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  • Considering tools used to measure them can check our interview

  • @caveport

    Never ever try to interpret such response of headphones, I am not saying that this one is perfect :-)

    But you even do not know how it had been measured.


    Little similar?


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  • Terrible frequency response. 12db drop from 150Hz to 500Hz. 14db peak at 3KHz. High Definition Monitors? B.S. These are the companies that should be called out for misrepresenting rubbish as quality product.

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