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HTC will stop making smartphones, despite telling otherwise
  • HTC has dismissed recent speculation claiming it would quit the smartphone market with its latest U12+ being the last of its models.

    HTC maintained it will continue strengthening its smartphone business with new models to be released at year-end 2018 and in early 2019.

    HTC said it will not give up its handset business as it believes that the handset has become indispensable to human life and that the related key VR technology will play a key role for the future development of mobile devices.

    Actually company is already mostly dead with sales numbers falling like hammer. Expect that announcement will come around February-May of 2019.

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  • HTC hits new absolute low.

    For April HTC total sales are at 19 millions USD only, it is 55% lower than March and 72% drop YoY.

    It is expected that HTC will be bough out or will file for bankruptcy within few months.

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