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The 50 Dollar Follow Focus. Thoughts?
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  • this thing works best on canon ef lenses. i have the 50mm f1.4 that it works great on. I don't have any nikon lenses, but any lens with the kind of focus ring grip that's on canon ef lenses i believe it will work fine with. If the focus ring takes more effort to turn like on the 12mm hyperprime, it will not work as well...lots of slipping happening. Definitely will need the gear bit for these lenses.. I'm looking into the Lanparte Pro gear ring to go with the 12mm. We'll see!

  • Here's the FDFF on the Gini Rig. Testing with the Rainbow H6x8-II C-mount Zoom lens. Focus works, but you have to dial slowly or it will slip. Will try other configurations to see if it works better.

    4608 x 2592 - 2M
  • In Action:

  • fosterchen, You recommend this FF? look interesting.

  • Yes, I do recommend it for most lenses. Unless your lens' focus is harder to rotate or is one of those tiny vintage 16mm lenses, the FDFF works pretty well. I use the gear adapter only, as it looks and feels more professional, just need to get gear belts on all my lenses. It can also be used for smoother zooming. I'm actually thinking about getting a second FDFF just for this purpose.

  • This seems great, but I can't get in contact by either phone or email - as listed on the website - to order one. or maybe they're so busy it's taking more than about 2 weeks to respond to enquiries. If anyone here knows the secret to getting one of these things, it would be great to know.

  • Have you tried ordering off their website? They should be in stock..

  • My post is misleading. I meant how to get answers to a couple of questions before ordering. Eventually I just ordered and hoped for the best, but I had hoped to hear back first.

  • @djhg, you can just ask your questions here...I can try to answer

  • They have a new design now which grips tighter to the rail with less torque needed.
    Plus it is now all metal! $25 upgrade from the original.

    Also, If anyone has a FDFF and need belts or pulleys, I have some never used since I went with the gear adapter. PM me!

    480 x 270 - 41K