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Fujifilm GFX 100 Camera Topic
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  • New firmware coming

    The 4.0 firmware will be available in June and will include a boosted AF speed, improved face/eye-detection performance, and enhanced AF tracking and accuracy for all modes including the capture of movement. The IBIS and OIS will now work together to enable the optimum correction based on the amount of camera shake and frequency of the gyro sensors. Below are additional updates and improvements:

    • The level of "clarity" can be set in the range from -5 to +5.
    • The "tone curve" can be adjusted in the increment of 0.5 stop for both highlights and shadows.
    • The "focus limiter" function is added to specify any focusing range. Choose the default focusing distance or select it from the specified range.
    • Pictures can be enlarged in the magnification of 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x in playback. There is also an option to select the magnification used in the previous playback (from center).
    • Function button can be assigned to switch "shooting mode" between P, S, A and M modes.
    • The front and rear command dials can be set to rotate in a reverse direction.
    • The number of items in the Q menu can be selected from 4, 8, 12 or 16 for both stills and video. The items to display in the Q menu are customizable.
    • The Q button can be assigned as a function button.
    • The camera stays ON even when an SD card is removed.
    • Electronic image stabilization is available while shooting video.
    • It corrects camera shake that occurs when shooting video handheld. (1.1x crop when this mode is turned on)
    • Live View can be enlarged even while shooting video.
    • The Focus Check Lock can now also be set to ON/OFF to maintain focus check or not when starting to shoot video.
    • Video recorded in the SD card can be backed up to the SD card in another card slot.
    • The elapsed video recording time can be displayed on the LCD for checking.
    • The AF area size can be changed while shooting video.
    • Video files recorded with F-log can be played back in conversion equivalent to BT.709.
    • Added White Balance / ISO metadata to RAW footage, output to Atomos Ninja V HDR Monitor Recorder via HDMI. The footage is recorded as Apple ProRes RAW files and White Balance / ISO can be adjusted in Final Cut Pro.