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Video sux, ruined it due to client requests
  • Shot a video for upcoming rapper b@mbi at lil hollywood
    we used his green screen.
    The chick wanted these weird backgrounds with flashing lights and disco balls

    i finished the video. Sent it to her and she hasnt replied but the video sucks. I didnt even put my name on it. If given my freedom i would have not used the backgrounds and did something else. Which i told her. But she insisted so i gave her what she wanted.

    What do you guys do when the person paying you wants some wack sh** and wont listen to your suggestions?
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  • imo, try and always obtain instruction from your client in writing for clarity and so that you are covered to some extent, and if they subsequently don't like the production, you can rely on the written directions you were given.
  • Only had to do it once. But when I was done setting up 4k of lights and all mics were hidden properly this dude of a client took out his iphone to make a little video for his bosses (just to show them, what the money was spent for) and he said: "Wow, this looks awesome, why do I need to spent so much on you guys?! ("So much" was "so little" in reality).

    I can´t remember my exact words, but something like "don´t hire a chef if you want to cook yourself" and "don´t call pros if your content with amateurish outcome". Politely but also clearly.

    But no matter what you can say and want to say. There´s no way this situation won´t suck.
  • @WhiteRabbit

    very good point. This should always come first. What I posted was more for when it just is too late...
  • >The chick wanted these weird backgrounds with flashing lights and disco balls

    And even not asked for big dancing pink bears?
    You are fucking lucky.
  • Not sure how long you've been in that sort of industry, but rest assured if you stay you have not seen the worst of it.

    Try going through a major motion picture corporation on a commercial tie in with a huge "hollywood" feature film and getting hair-thin changes on an already approved animatic all the way up until deadline.

    Balding/greying is not an option, it is inevitable.
  • ive been doin it for about 3.5 months. I only got in the game because I needed some videos done for my music and everyone was chargin 4-1000 USD. I bought the cam and all its accessories for 1300. I started doin other rappers videos to gain experience before I started on my own. but these niggas is c r a z y the kind of sh* they expect for $150.

    I drew up a new contract that requires any job I accept under $400 that I have full say so over the direction of the video.

  • Always make the client look good even if it doesn't look good. Their word will travel as far as you will. In the end the final product always looks better when the cash hits your wallet.
  • Oh, the stories I could tell shooting for major clients who want everything for nothing. But this video is required viewing for all of you. It wasn't till I started playing my hand strong that I began to make serious money instead of the el cheapo gigs I settled for while building my reel.

    skip ahaed 55 seconds to avoid the lame video intro. At about the 12:40 mark I expect to hear a collective sympathetic groan form everyone...cuz we've all been there...WAY too many times.

  • @shian

    Like the video you referenced.
  • thank you for this video @shian
  • Presentation obviously isn't their thing, but some great points there.