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GH1: Blackout-Powell Native 24p settings v2
  • As you've no doubt heard, the latest version of PTool 3.55d liberates all previously unhackable versions of the GH1. In addition, it provides a variety of new patches that I've been able to incorporate into the Blackout-Powell Native 24p Patch, making it more versatile than ever.

    To make use of these new features, download PTool 3.55d from the following link:

    For version 2 of the Blackout-Powell Native 24p Patch, I've prepared a choice of two INI settings files that differ only in the settings for the MJPEG 30p modes:

    * For use with standard lenses, the standard patch will produce two types of MJPEG videos:

    HD mode: 1280x720 HD videos in 4:2:2 color depth, with peak bitrates up to around 60Mbps.
    VGA mode: 960x720 iPad-compatible videos, with peak bitrates up to 30Mbps.

    * For use with anamorphic lenses, the anamorphic patch supports two different squeeze ratios:

    HD mode: 1920x720 videos optimized for 1.5X anamorphic lenses, with peak bitrates up to 50Mbps.
    VGA mode: 1920x720 videos optimized for 2X anamorphic lenses, with peak bitrates up to 50Mbps.

    Blackout-Powell Native 24p Standard Patch
    Blackout-Powell Native 24p Anamorphic Patch
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  • Thanks, I addded link to FAQ topic.
  • Hi, how can i download the patches?
  • The patches are right above, at the bottom of LPowell's post.
  • but it just gave me the option of save it just like a photo or image
  • >but it just gave me the option of save it just like a photo or image

    And you expect that?
    This is files with settings that you must save to PTool folder.
  • >but it just gave me the option of save it just like a photo or image

    I think you have to be logged in order to download the files.


  • @ teeks: dude, save it, unzip it to the same folder as Ptool, then launch ptool. Done!
  • >I think you have to be logged in order to download the files.

    Yeah, it is true.
    After next major script update I'll fix it (but I am still not sure if we need this).
  • hi

    I a new member, thanxs Vitality and Lpowell for sharing this knowledge, Im supporting thru paypal soon.
    I cannot download the blackout standard Ini file, but i dowloaded the is all included in it?
  • I have a question about this particular patch...

    I've changed only one setting in this file. I changed the MJPEG 480p size setting from 960x720 to 1280x720. This way I can get in camera playback and a little more recording time in the WVGA MJPEG setting.

    So in MJPEG I get:
    1280x720p30 in HD
    1280x720p30 in WVGA
    480p in VGA
    480p in QVGA

    My question is, how different is the HD from WVGA now that I changed the pixel size? How far off is the compression settings? I'm not too sure how much quality loss I am getting from shooting WVGA with my settings, but I really like my in camera playback.
  • Two example of use the GH1 camera with this settings:

    Both using smooth mode, the first one is color corrected:

    The second one is without correction and grading, I'm working on grading and final cut.

    This one is the my last work with GH1, I upgraded on GH2.

  • Does the GH1with lpowell blackout v2 patch able to playback the video in the camera? Thanks.

  • @tetakpatak thank you. It makes me easier to consider an old GH1 as an addition to my gear.

  • @yskunto I can understand that. I love the GH1, I have four GH1 bodies for I need them for long recordings (concerts in full length).

  • @tetakpatak what patch and memory cards are you using for uninterruppted long recordings?

    I believe I used v1 of this patch but recording would fail after a certain point. I bought the GH2 before I ever got to the bottom of it.

  • @tetakpatak I read also your thread on "Varigop". You mention that the "max latitude" and "blackout" patch tend to break in "on focus wide-angle green-grass" scenario. Do you find the way to stabilize it?

    @tetakpatak and @lpowell I think what I want from GH1 patch is a native 24p/25p for full HD and 50/60p for HD, the bitrate should be at least 50Mbps, short enough GOP for smooth motion, video can be playback in the camera, and rock stable. Does this "LPowell-Blackout" patch can answer my needs?
  • @CFreak I am using 32GB Sandisk Extreme 95Mb/s and I get flawless spanning until the card is full. But I think also 30Mb/s would do fine.

    @yskunto maybe it would be best if you try yourself few settings and decide which suits your needs best way. I was using Blackout until I've developed "Varigop" which gives me even better overall image quality and less noise in the shadows under 24p. The biggest problem of the GH1 is its SD card slot, which is a data bottleneck and major problem for high bitrates. If I remember well, it was also @LPowell's biggest anger with the GH1 amd the reason to drop the development.

    I must admit that "Varigop" covers now perfectly fine all my needs, especially since I have recently discovered that runing chkdsk in cmd can repair the file system of the corrupted AVCHD files if the camera got frozen. Howewer, it is essentially important to press "rec" button again after the error gets displayed (like you would stop recording) so that the AVCHD file gets saved in the form with slightly corrupted file system that easily can be repaired, at least under Windows.

    I could not get freezing under full control without reducing the recording quality. The biggest problem is if major part of the sensor gets covered by tack sharp subject. Plenty of details will rapidly boost the bitrate and slow SD card writer can not write it. When RAM gets overfilled, camera will freeze. This happens however also with Blackout. It is a GH1's weak point, otherwise it is until today my favourite GHx camera for recording under good lighting.

  • It seems I am 6 years late to this party... but it is nice to go back in time to see the masters of hack job!

  • Hello, anyone with luck to donwload the patch? Im in 2015 and I have a struggle to hack my gh1.

  • Is it possible to get the above in 1920x1080 at 24p?

  • i just cant download the patch. can someone please help ?

  • @alidavoo just log-in with your username and click the patch above this topic thread. For more recent GH1 patch, take a look the @humpman patch.