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Sirui Monopods for Video Shooter, Like P-204S
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  • I ended up buying the P-424SR monopod. One of the reasons was because when I'm shooting at an event, it can be a little difficult getting shots with a ton of people in front of me. The built quality is pretty good and it's able to stand up on it's own. For events that has a ton of people, you might want to put the feet up anyway or it'll hit them. The feet is good for some stability but again, it has it's trade offs. The one I have is 4 sections and extends to 75". Their is a nice 6 section version called the P-426SR that extends to only 63" but it's folded length is only 22.5" compared to mine that folds to 30". Basically the 426SR would be better for traveling. If you need more height, their are extension poles you can buy such as this. I have never used one yet but it seams like the perfect product to extend the reach of a tripod or monopod. I migt decide to buy one.

    Here's one of many videos I shot of the lion dances that happened in New York last month. It was the first day using it. I held the monopod up in the air to get very high shots and had to move it a bit every time someone got next to me and so you'll see a few big shakes. It was raining a lot and I was next to a bank that had a shade area so that I don't too wet. I used a cheap video head. Think I'll buy a better head. End of last year, Sirui released a new head for $200. I have not used it but I saw a review on it and it seams like a very good head for it. Still, theirs head that costs around $40 to $60 that should be better than what I used. Here's a link to the cheap head I was using. Built quality is excellent but it's not that great for monopod use if you are holding the monopod very high.

    Shot with a GH5 plus 12-60 f/2.8 Lens. For many clips, I had a UV filter on because of the rain. Not entirely sure if I had it on during this clip since I had protection while shooting. No pun intended. Meaning, I was underneath a roof and so I was able to be away from the rain.

  • I've bought P-204S a week ago. I'm just getting used to it, but it feels very solid and user friendly. I like its flexibility. Maybe it's soon to tell, but I think it's best value for money monopod. I'll post some clips when I'll get used to it as I'm not pro :-)