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Pan shots without jerking
  • Hi, when I make a pan shot (in the new 25p), the image jerks like crazy.
    I had before a Sony HDR-AX2000e that shoots in 50i and the jerk was not so accentuated.
    When i render the video, if I choose WMV the jerk is attenuated, but if I choose the H.264 with the same settings the video jerks even more. (I use Premiere pro cs4).
    I also try to shoot 25p with 25 shutter speed, but it´s not really better.
    I look around many blogs, but no one is approaching thys problem of the digital movies.
    Anyone has experience with this problem?

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  • Download to see if things improve for pc users. This will also drastically improve people having problems playing back mts files files on older pcs. When you render out from PP what's it like?
  • When I render to WMV it jerks less than the mts file, if I render to MP4 it jerks more (with same settings)