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New firmware HBR mode MTS converters
  • Hi with remux I was able to convert previous .mts files. Now with the new HBR video setting (fcp 5.0.4 and an old powerbook G4 10.5.8) remux will convert but fcp not able to import....
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  • remux doesnt work anymore ( i tried with FCPX too)... try clipwrap, it works fine.
  • I´m running a 32bit machine clipwrap wont work...but thx
  • all fine with 5DtoRGB
  • Moved here from New 1.1 firmware topic:

    I've found two good ways to transcode 1080p30 HBR footage on Mac (I'm still using Final Cut Express here.)

    1. Using 5DtoRGB, as has been stated here before, works great. (and i don't want to cheat these awesome guys out of their money, but the batch script for the free version can be very easily modified to accept .MOV, .mov or .MTS file extensions - i did it before the paid version came out.)

    As pointed out be rsquires, 5DtoRGB does a good job at eliminating red channel nastiness in HBR footage - much better than transcoding using a standard quicktime conversion or JES deinterlacer. The chroma mode setting that eliminates red nastiness the best is Chroma mode "Default" - NOT interlaced, which comes up as default it seems with this footage 1.5.3b. I've been using Decoding Matrix BT-709 because its recommended for HD, but have not tested whether that makes a big difference or which is best for GH2 footage.

    Since I'm using FCE, which edits natively in Apple Intermediate Codec only, often I want AIC .mov files not ProRes (though ProRes is OK if necessary because it does not take much extra CPU for it to play them in an AIC timeline) - so here's another method:

    2. Install the Panasonic AVCAM importer quicktime component, and use the free JES Deinterlacer to convert the .MTS file with a bare project (no processing) with output set to Quicktime export as whatever codec you want.

    JES can do batches and you can tick off if you want to convert to progressive in (for AIC, at least, this produces output files that are marked as progressive and use a somewhat lower bitrate because the encoder is not compensating for the interlacing which I assume takes more bitrate to represent nicely in that codec.) Not sure if this makes a bitrate change in ProRes, but it might make those files better recognized as Progressive to FCP-X or Premiere if checked. Just a thought.

    I am personally leaving it as interlaced because it does not matter in FCE - you just need to set field dominance to None if it isn't already set, and you get slightly less quality loss in transcoding (data rate ends up being 69Mbps (progressive) vs. 104Mbps (interlaced) for AIC).

    However, bright red things look awful in this footage - so i'm leaning towards using 5DtoRGB for transcode.

    Edit: You can make transcodes from .MTS files in JES Deinterlacer look a little better in the red channel (not as good as 5DtoRGB) by checking "Reinterlace Chroma" on input inspector. You must leave input set as interlaced for this to be available (that is default for GH2 HBR footage MTS files in JES).

    looks like these .MTS files even work right in FCE's timeline (crappy playback frame rate though of course - but OK after a render)
  • @toxotis70

    Cli[Wraps doesn't flag clips as progessive
  • If anyone wants to help with clipwrap (current version doesn't flag the output as progressive), send some material with new firmware (25p and 25i , 5-10 seconds) to Colin.

    This is the mail i received from him...

    "We can probably add support for that, but don't have any sample footage to work with. If you'd like to share some with us we can take a look. We'd need a short sample of the 25p content, as well as a short sample of 50i content from the same camera.

    If you're willing to send a file, you can use our file submission website:

  • I have uploaded a clip through the submission site. cheers!
  • try to contact Colin, and tell him about ...
    I also send him footage 25p, but he needs a small clip 50i
    Now, i cant send him, cause i am in work....

    He needs a 25i or 50i clip.
  • Did Colin get this working in the new beta of Clipwrap

    Good news or did I misread!?
  • I have tried also Rewrap-avchd with Perian, it´s converting the new 25p HBR MTS files but FCP 5.0.4 wont import... still strugglin....
  • Yes, colin from clipwrap made a beta version of his software for PAL users (for ntsc he needs footage at 30i-30p).

    I tried it and works perfect !
    Contact him to send you the beta version and if you want you can buy it .
  • 5DtoRGB works fine, even with the Telecine LUT
  • 5D2RGB encodes again the footage and takes a long time.
    Clipwrap doesn't do any re encoding, just rerwap the mts -> mov, without any conversion, so its fast.
    It doesn't increase the file sizes too.
  • @toxotis70 instead of making poor advertisment do u understand WE DONT NEED THIS HERE full stop.
    We need u to read the 1st POST and make some suggestion on it... full stop.
  • i dont make any advertisement.... i have a serious problem (at least on FCPX) and trying to solve it.
    Colin was very polite to help me, and other gh2 owners.... in minutes!
    If you dont like , dont bother ....
  • Remux doesnt work anymore with HBR so you can contact with the creator (if you find him) to find a solution or choose another tool to solve your problem !
    Simple as that ....
  • FCP is BullShit ;) sorry
  • @Butt I know... Soon I will change to premiere...
  • easy dude... easy !
    I am trying to help you.
    Why cant you try my solution ?
  • @toxotis70 sorry man it was a bad day....
  • ok... sorry for the confusion !
    5D2rgb can run in non intel macs ?
  • there is another solution, i think .
    This program, media converter does the same thing as remux and as i know works on PPC machines.

    you have to download the rerwap preset from here...
  • I have used media-coverter but my fcp ver won´t recon the rewrapped file. It looks like clipwrap recon the file man AGAIN I´m sorry