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Socialism: From basics
  • Start of socialism for dummies posts series.

    Special note. As every capitalist country ruling class is very afraid to tell any truth they just spread lie starting from Kindergarten, best to do it in time the people can not critically analyze anything. So, reading this post will require strong effort to turn off huge neural networks in brain build by education and media.

    We'll get very precise quote and will use main points to understand where capitalists ruling class fool you every day.

    There is no Russian, English, French, German, Italian socialism, as much as there is no Chinese socialism. There is only one Marxist-Leninist socialism. It is another thing, that in the building of socialism it is necessary to take into consideration the specific features of a particular country. Socialism is a science, necessarily having, like all science, certain general laws, and one just needs to ignore them and the building of socialism is destined to failure.

    What does it mean? It means that any attempt to break core laws under pretense of your country specifics always leads to failure and history showed it perfectly.

    There is different meanings for "socialism" word - one being soft version of capitalism with special income redistribution approaches, and another is meaning that communists use - socialism as first stage of communism, different social organization of society. In any posts we will use second definition except places where it will be stated otherwise.

    What are these general laws of building of socialism.

    1p Above all it is the dictatorship of the proletariat the workers’ and peasants’ State, a particular form of the union of these classes under the obligatory leadership of the most revolutionary class in history the class of workers. Only this class is capable of building socialism and suppressing the resistance of the exploiters and petty bourgeoisie.

    Most modern people here are distracted by such word as "dictatorship", must be something bad, they think, it is not soft word. But one issue arise here, as any capitalist state is dictatorship of bourgeoisie. There is not such thing as "third way", or intermediary state (except transition period).

    What dictatorship means? It means that laws are made in the interests of ruling class. All state machine works to punish any classes or individuals that go against interests of ruling class.

    What happens as you ease the proletariat dictatorship? Oppressed classes and groups rise their head and slowly, but steadily gain their force. Not to make society where everyone looks like loving pink bunny. But to become ruling class and use all power of dictatorship, much worse and stronger to oppress proletariat.

    2p Socialised property of the main instruments and means of production. Expropriation of all the large factories and their management by the state.

    This is core point that can be used to sort out fake socialist states.

    One thing that most people living under capitalism do not get properly is formulation - "socialized property for means of production". It means, at first, that if you see nationalization in capitalist state even of all means of production - it is not socialization. It is still capitalist state, just now property belongs to collective capitalist, belongs to whole class of capitalists. Normally in capitalist state such measures are used in the usual scheme - nationalization of all losses and privatization of all income. After huge budget investments means of production are again sold at the small percentage of real price to private owners. And cycle can continue.

    Socialization and expropriation never happen overnight, it is long and complex process in reality, sometimes with pause required for ruling class to gain more power and continue it. But you must always check where process is going. Destruction of socialist states usually begin with hidden privatization and later, as bourgeoisie gain more power, it becomes open process.

    3p Nationalisation of all capitalist banks, the merging of all of them into a single state bank and strict regulation of its functioning by the state.

    Socialist state does not need parasites, hence all private banks are merged and unnecessary closed. State bank is not commercial structure, only perform transactions, and function as service of manufacturing and other things, as well as being citizens savings bank.

    Socialist state do not have any stock trading, commodities trading, etc.

    If you see private banks or stock exchange it is true sign of capitalist state, sometimes in emerging form.

    4p The scientific and planned conduct of the national economy from a single center. Obligatory use of the following principle in the building of socialism: from each according to his capacity, to each according to his work, distribution of the material good depending upon the quality and quantity of the work of each person.

    It is two big points here.

    First being central planning of all core manufacturing and services. It is very complex thing and requires constant rising of education level as well as development for means of production, like computers, software and math methods, as well as advanced feedback. As means of production develop, socialist state must accompany it with corresponding development of planning (not just by good sounding words).

    Second being that developed socialist states put more emphasis on redistribution, and less on retail in any form. With proper development role of money and retail must fade out gradually.

    Degradation of socialist states frequently starts from some smart economists trying to propose more money stimulus measures, rise inequality, proposals of increased retail role, as well as ideas to undermine planning. Guys who propose all such ideas actually work in the interests of oppressed bourgeoisie class.

    5p Obligatory domination of Marxist-Leninist ideology.

    This one is not so simple as it looks.

    In any capitalist state any ideology that is opposite to capitalist state is oppressed, via finance, information blocking, and finally, if it rise to dangerous, just by force.

    Socialist state in same way oppress any capitalist ideology, kicking out support under remains of exploiters who dream of good old times.

    6p Creation of armed forces that would allow the defense of the accomplishments of the revolution and always remember that any revolution is worth anything only if it is capable of defending itself.

    If any fool is thinking that you can keep capitalist army and live happily - he will be greatly upset by outcome. Each and every time where socialist state did not make their own army of workers and peasants - ended up bad.

    7p Ruthless armed suppression of counter revolutionaries and the foreign agents.

    Not only remains of your own bourgeoisie dream of good old days. All capitalist states around are dreaming about same.

    They can wet their bed each nigh, but at morning they get up, wipe themselves clean by toilet paper and go out making plans and operations how to kill socialist state.

    These, in short, are the main laws of socialism as a science, requiring that we relate to them as such.

    It is not some "suggestions", if you do not follow them you fail miserably and lot of people pay by their life for your stupidity.