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Panasonic Lumix GH5 Testing Requests
  • My name is Tyler Knight, I am a Lumix Ambassador and Storyteller in Canada.

    I will be receiving a pre-production unit to test next week and want to put it through its paces. I will have access to the body, xlr adapter, battery grip, and the new 12-60 Leica kit lens.

    Please comment below with your test requests and any specifics and I will do my best to accommodate! Let me know the features that you're really excited to see, and features you've seen examples of but have questions about. I will have it for approximately 2-3 weeks and will be doing a daily vlog showcasing as much as possible.

    As stated in the other thread, I have many scheduled shoots already as I am a full time videographer/photographer and will be using this as a chance to really see how it performs in a real-world setting!

    Once the requests come in and videos come out, I would like to assemble them in a stickied post at the top of this thread if possible with the type of test, and the link beside it (eg. GH5 low light comparision to GH4 and G85)

    I have a large collection of vintage lenses I will be testing, as well as comparing lumix lenses across my other Lumix cameras such as GH4, G85 (G80) and GX85 (GX80)

    Looking forward to hearing your requests!

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  • Hi Tyler. It would be great to know, how Panasonic is planning to sync timecode with other devices. They mention this should be possible. How will you get timecode from external recorders in and out of the GH5? I could see a feature, where you could use mic in and headphone out for LTC. Thanks for checking or giving feedback to Panasonic about this important isssue.

  • Hi @tylerknight, If you have worked with Gimbals before, I would be interested how the Double Stabilization system compares to handheld when you walk or shoot in a car driving over a bumpy road. Also focus with a dog running towards you, if the AF keeps the dog in focus. Thanks.

    Also interesting would be, what SD cards can be used.

  • @neveraholiday I will pass this on to the engineers and hopefully hear back in good time!

    @aked I have a ronin-m and will definitely run those tests for you! I've done a test with my g85 with ibis on and off on the ronin and the Ibis actually works well to mute the vertical motion normally introduced with such movements.

    Looking forward to seeing how the gh5 handles this

  • How does the 12-60 compare to the 12-35

  • @aked

    I will compare the 12-35 f2.8 to the 12-60 non-Leica to the 12-60 leica

  • Also curious about the continuos AF performance. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  • I saw a GH5 video that was shot at high ISO at 3328x2496 4:3 anamorphic mode (although with a normal spherical lens). The shooter claimed this had less noise than the same scene shot at 3840x2160 16:9. Could you test to see if this is true? Shoot a low light scene at ISO 6400 and maybe 12800 in both modes with the same lens and aperture. Thanks.

  • @samuelcabral

    I will test what I can, but the firmware isn't at top performance yet for tracking AF but when I played with it before, it was very good already.

    Any tests I do will be with this pre-production firmware and not reflective of the final performance of the camera.


    I did see that, and want to know for myself as well ;) I'll make sure to test both modes at different iso's and post full and 100% crops as uncompressed as it will allow me to!

  • Thanks for doing this.

    From Max Yuryev

    I see that the codec on the EM1-II retains much better detail in the shadows, while the G85 compresses the shadow noise into big macro blocks. I wonder if lifting the shadows in camera will prevent the camera from compressing the noise? How does the GH5 video compression deal with shadow detail?

    Compare file quality of internal 8 - 10 bit to external 8-10 in editor.

    Compare the GH5 colours to: G85-GH4 and Canon (the gold standard), using the SAME lens!

    For publishing, because of vimeo/youtube compression I ask for showing 400% close ups, with linear enlargement, not bicubic! so hard pixel edges please .

    CAF testing: Can you record a presenter walking from 10m away towards the camera using face detect, preferable with out of focus lights in for and back ground so it's easy to see the camera refocussing.

    Testing focus settings, what do they do, are they effective?

    Is the screen and EVF sharp enough to manual focus?

    That's it for now, I hope you like the questions. Enjoy shooting with it!

  • Please test the changes in DR as ISO increases, also is there are color shift.

    Finally try the ETC 4K crop that so many people will use with S16 lenses. You can test it with normal mft lenses.

  • +1 for noise/detail in underexposed areas test, and highlight rolloff.

  • Hi tyler would love to see how the photo sample , thank you

  • Hi @tylerknight,

    Can I ask for a proper 4K 24p ISO video test done? From a tripod with the camera fixed (non moving), on wide angle (for greater dof and detail analysis), each ISO setting correctly expose (not some stupid underexposed lower ISO values useless test), on standard profile with everything dialed to an absolute 0 (default), no master pedestal, curves or any other adjustment made, just the 16 to 235 luminescence values correctly set for web viewing and focus correctly set and locked somewhere in the scene (unchanged for all the test period). If you have the change to do a side by side comparison with the Gh4, even better. If you can upload the original files to or any other transfer site, wold be fabulous.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, if you have an anamorphic lens adapter, can you record something and make the files avaliable for download? Thanks.

  • Hi @tylerknight +1 about the continuos AF face detection setting in video with original 12-35 or/and 35-100 lens if possible.

  • It would be great if we could get some sample slow-mo footage (180p) shot in the standard or natural profile. Thanks.

  • And NO grading in post please.

  • Ok, maybe 1 grade to explore how far one can push the 10 bit file versus the 8 bit file in post. I like to know how much flexibility one actually gains recording 10 bit H264. I suspect that maybe the compression in H264 reduces greatly the gain in detail of 10bit to near 8bit levels. Thus the 10 bit recording starts to shine with a combination of VlogL and a high bitrate external recorder. For Normal DR recording 8 bit maybe enough if you get it right in camera. But maybe it is beneficial to use different curve settings when recording in 10 bit to record so the file has a very nice roll-off to start with?

    Maybe you can take 8MP+18MP stills in JPG+raw to compare these to a video frame. Checking the codec's quality and see and compare DR and colour depth of stills and video?

    The 6k photo mode uses H265 compression, and I think I've seen it a has a different compression approach then JPG compression. I think I see # like pattern in H265, versus the blocky H264. How can you clean up the H265 # patterns, does it look better then denoised H264? - Actually when I think of it, I don't mind some noise, I mind the compression blocking /smearing much more. In light of H265, maybe compare it to the Samsung NX1's H265?

    Oh and moire tests please, with and without ETC. Including comparing the other camera's. Fine lined shirts, and other fine contrasty stuff.


    ps I like everybody's suggested tests.

  • Ok, can you please compare the 12-60 Leica with the panasonic 12-60 ?

  • These are great!!

    I'm going to do my best to get to as many as these as possible :)

    I don't have access to an external recorder or anamorphic lens so unfortunately I can't help with any of those, but most of the others I'll have no problem.

    I have to stress that I run a full time video production and photography business and I am taking time off and spending my own money to do these tests, so please no getting upset if I couldn't do a certain test or you aren't happy with the outcome, I'll do what I can ! haha.

  • No worries Tyler, do whatever you feel interests you most. In terms of delivery, I prefer a steady dripping ;) One aspect at the time.

  • @tylerknight

    Can we assign a Fn button to: 1. do a 'true' One-Touch WB? 2. toggle the HDMI 'Info Display' on/off

  • How about the ability to manually adjust focus using the lens focus ring when both AFL and AFC are engaged? My GH4 allow AFL will lock focus when AFC is set, but I cannot manually adjust the focus. I'd like to AFC ready, but use AFL + manual focus to set the first focus point precisely. Then, I just remove my thumb from the AFL button to let AFC take over.

  • The GH5 has arrived! I just got to Tremblant, Québec and had a chance to shoot a bit of video and photo but it got dark before I had a chance to really test it.

    First thoughts:

    ISO 6400 is more than useable ans looks fantastic!

    Stabilizer is better than the g85(g80)

    Shutter sounds and feels great! And the overall feel of the camera is larger which is much welcomed! No longer does my pinky finger go under the body of the camera while shooting.

    I'm hitting the slopes with it tomorrow morning!

    640 x 1136 - 1M