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GH4 — Use iPhone as wireless monitor
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  • Just got report back from a G7 user that the app doesn't work for him. So there's some differences between cameras.

    Anyone here tried with a GH3 yet?

  • @mjas

    Almost forgot - make big red button - "Report issue" and menu after this with variants and last one "Another issue".

  • @_Oz @Grimor I can't change what image the camera sends, but I've noticed that it will send the "Direct Focus Area". So if I can trigger that remotely we can get that zoom-to-focus functionality in.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev We've had issues with lagging stream on Android (every 3-5 seconds there's a 0.5-1 second freeze). And I don't have Android phone personally, so it will be more difficult for me to start with Android.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Report issue button is a good suggestion! :)

  • We've had issues with lagging stream on Android (every 3-5 seconds there's a 0.5-1 second freeze). And I don't have Android phone personally, so it will be more difficult for me to start with Android.

    Well, get one, they are cheap and lots of them around. You are developer.

    On most of the markets Android is major platform, more fragmented, yes.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Why the hate on apple products and development? The system Marcus is working with has worked just fine for me. And Apple is so much more reliable environment, if sometimes limiting. I moved to apple after f*#-ing with android devices and getting all kinds of adware in apps all the time, and so many terrible, buggy apps. Apple's somewhat limiting system is the price you pay for stable, reliable, adware free apps. /rant

  • Why the hate on apple products and development?

    Let's not start here, ok?

    It has nothing related to hate. I just told that it is much more easy make tests if you frequently release new stuff on Android

  • Dev Update — Contrast, brightness, saturation!

    Since the last beta (5) I've been busy getting OpenGL shader based rendering going. If you didn't understand what that meant ... basically it opens up the possibility of applying LUTs in the future. That's for the future ... but for now I've got contrast, brightness and saturation working in real time. :celebration:

    Attached are two pictures; a photo of an iPad Mini 4 with processed image (left) / source V-Log image (right), and one of my spot in the couch where I do all the work. :)

    1008 x 756 - 108K
    1008 x 756 - 173K
  • What a great news!!!

  • Build 6 is now available on Testflight.

    New stuff:

    • Image settings for contrast, saturation, brightness
    • Rewritten rendering to support image processing (e.g. saturation/brightness/contrast)

    Known issues:

    • Scaling gets weird when switching back and forth between different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, DCI 4K). Workaround is to restart the app. Will fix soon.
  • @mjas Hi i have signed in for a test... will this work on the 7+ with ios 10.0.3

  • @chef Yes it does. :)

  • I have to say big thanks to @mjas !!!! I have tried the app and it works great on my Iphone 7 Plus and GH4. The lag Non noticeable at ALL works great. The setting such as brightness for example is really useful when the sun is shining directly on the the phone used as an external monitor !!! Can't wait @mjas to see further upgrades!!!

  • @chef Thanks!

    I recommend using the built in iOS brightness setting first (read how)! Brightness on the image actually changes the image. :)

  • @mjas yeah yeah thx!

  • @mjas

    Ideally you want two settings - backlight and "image brightness".

  • True. It looks like screen backlight can be set by an app (not all settings are settable by apps).

  • Another big thanks to @mjas for the app! It's been very useful already and works perfectly on my older G6.

  • @mjas any way to take advantage of the iphones 3d touch to have it control the camera, such as a harder press would activate digital zoom?

  • @c_adams Thanks for testing, and thanks for reporting that it works on the G6. If it stops, let me know. :)

    @GravitateMediaGroup Camera control is possible, but I'm trying to figure out how to do it in a good way. I'm don't want to put half-baked stuff into the app. You'll know when it's there!

  • @mjas alright, cool. I was curious to know so I wouldn't be wasting time brainstorming the impossible, but since you say it is possible...hmmmm could be interesting.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Yeah. My current base plan is to get anamorphic de-squeeze into the app and a decent menu system before the next beta.

  • Build 7: "The Anamorphic Edition" ;) is now available on Testflight.

    Scopes now has a Twitter account:


    New stuff:

    • Fixed picture freezing when changing resolutions.
    • Anamorphic de-squeeze! In the settings menu you will find 1.3x, 1.5x and 2x anamorphic de-squeeze buttons. I would love to see a photo of this in use.
    • I'm collecting crash reports via Google Analytics, so if you open the app while connected to the internet I will get useful info. If you're uncomfortable with this you should wait for a future beta release when I've made it possible to disable this feature.
    • Settings button is now gray, half-transparent and says "SET".

    Known issues:

    • I've seen one crash while developing, and it seems changing the resolution might be able to cause a crash.

    Other stuff:

    • Scopes works on an iPad Pro. The 12.9" is ridiculous. But the feeling is pretty cinematic. :)
  • Dude this kicks ass! I hope all this work will translate to the GH5 easily when that camera drops, cuz this is the most convenient thing ever.

  • Very impressed with this. Works straight off the bat and seemed reliable. Great for use with my anamorphic adaptor too.

    Would love: Histogram and also Record trigger for gimbal use.