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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • Does the G80 supports plug in power like the Gx8?

  • I've been looking around for examples of moire issues with this camera, and haven't found much online besides the one posted here earlier of the pond with reeds. Could anyone point me to some?

  • So all in all how are people feeling about this camera in comparison to both the GH4 and GH5? I have the GH4 and am looking to move to the GH5, but I think the main reason I am wanting to move is for the Dual IS which the G80 will already give me? I dont think for the type of work I do I am going to need dual sd card slots, 10 bit video, 4k 60p....vlog...ect...I also dont want to downgrade though from the gh4 to the g80 if I am going to lose picture quality in my day to day 4k stuff...

    so should I save myself 1k and go with the G80?

  • @Imackreath

    In all honesty, I haven't touched my GH4s since I got my GX85 and G85.

    The image quality in 4K is far superior to the GH4 plus isbs

  • @tylerknight Superior? to think about this then...dont want to spend £1700 on gh5 and see no visable benefit compared to the g80...

  • @Imackreath I think you will see a difference going from a G80 to a GH5 just not as dramatic as from the GH4. I think the big differences are in slomo and potentially auto focusing mainly. Or at least as I see it for what I do or would like to do. Than there are also a bunch of incremental improvements that people have to weigh against there personal needs.

  • If I bought the G80 I could in theory keep my GH4.... as spending £600 and keeping the gh4 is more attractive right now than selling the gh4 for £700 and forking out another £1000 for the GH5...

  • @Imackreath I agree I had a GX85 and sold it to buy a G85 to get a mic input and weather sealing as it was important to me. I like the sounds of the GH5 but it's a significantly larger investment. If I start making more money with my camera I can justify it maybe but the quality on the G85 is impressive enough for me for now. I suppose I might add that maybe selling the GH4 is not a bad idea considering what a G80/G85 goes for and the benefits of the newer model

  • IBIS worth the upgrade, and in other hand, slowmo and vlog worth the GH4 keeping

  • So most are treating the g80 as an actual upgrade to the gh4 in many ways?

  • Not so much. Image is almost the same. But GH4 have plenty of features and G80 have Ibis. I recently shot with both cameras a live event and you can't say when is GH4 and when G80. Cine D in booth and they intercut really well.

  • @Imackreath

    From the GH4 it's a huge upgrade in my eyes. But the GH5 is on an entirely different level so if you can afford it, the GH5 has everything you need and more.

  • @Imackreath You have to decide what is important to you. I hate the crop in 4K on the GH4 G85 is better and GH5 is even better. High ISOs are better on the G85 and than of course there is IBIS which to some of us is huge. How important is slomo to you 60 vs 96 vs 180? The lists go on it really is dependent on your needs vs desires vs cash on hand : )

  • I sold my GH4 and have had a G85 for about a week. To me, Image quality in 4k is better than GH4, and the IBIS is incredible. But, battery life is less, and I have not been able to get peaking to work the way I liked in the GH4. I am still experimenting with settings, but shooting same scenes with same glass as GH4 the G85 peaking is not as easy to see on screen.

  • At a push I could afford the GH5, if I sold my GH4. As it stands It would be hard for the type of work I do to justify spending that extra £1000 for the gh5 over the g80. My issue would be regretting not getting the GH5 now to future proof myself as i can see it only getting better and better with the future firmware updates like the 400mb 4k and such like. I would hate to be sitting here in 6 months looking at amazing footage with the gh5 knowing I could have pushed myself to purchase it.

    At the end of the day as I have said earlier, I want at least the same level of quality footage on my 24p 4k footage from the g80 that I get from my GH4, and with the IBIS i would in theory be very happy..

  • For those who already got the camera (g85 specifically), is the kit lens's lens mount made of metal or plastic?

  • @Dusty42 12-60 kit is metal mount.

  • Can anyone confirm if the Mitakon Lens Turbo II is compatible with the Panasonic G85?

  • @Doctor Used Panasonic g85 with Mitakon LTII NG/MFT with Nikon lenses, no problem.

  • THX :) What is the main /specifcations / difference between EU PAL vs PAL ?

    For deal one you can record 4K 24/24/30fps without any time limits or such.