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Zhiyun Z1 Crane V1 and V2
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  • Tried one recently. Definitely best one hand gimbal for now. Price here is also sweet.

  • Anybody get to work gh4 connected via cable to crain? panasonic setting didn´t show up in my aplication. bluetooth app for android didn´t connect neither :-(

  • @Lukasz

    Well, as you get cable among first that manufacturer actually shipped...

    May be app is not ready yet, may be you do not understand that it is able to do.

  • It is able to do shutter, rec , and focus with lever, claims manufacturer, but the problem is that it is supposed to show up in app and than you save the panasonic setting to the gimbal. on my both systems(win10/yosemite) it didn´t show up the panasonic setting on GimbalTools( i follow the instruction to not turn on the camera before gimbal ). Some sony user from YT told me that he make it works but with panasonic it didn´t work for me. looks like the app problem. anyway i ´ve contact with customer service but they didn´t answerd me at the moment.

  • i´ve sent a massege to and I just recived beta version of android app 1.61 and now it works:-) Android App now see the crane and thru it I can select the Panasonic setting. its fully working:-)& very easy to setup. Very good after sales support from company. I see only problem that autofocus function works only in AFS tracking setting, and would be grate if it could do focus in manual override mode, just to take focus before recording. I don´t know if it is because of camera focus settings so I´ll check all modes today.(it work in AFS-trackingmode ) , camera recive a signal in other modes but don´t react as expected for the moment with Panaleica 25.

    Camera cable is highly recomended:-) i´ve use the crane on set without it, so can say that it makes the rig setup very comfortable now.

  • Looks like in camera it have to be set to shutter AF and then it works in autofocus modes, not manual override, but it have to be some other camera setting i don´t know. I have always camera set to only focus with AF/AE lock button to not focus with half shutter.

  • Do you think this could handle the Sigma 18-35 and the GH4/5? (combined weight of about 1.8kg). ?

  • @lukasz Is that cable connect to smart phone by usb? Can you share that beta firmware?. @v_k is that cable just for newer version? Anyone could explain how to set up " Face Following " ? Thanks all

  • @tinbeo the panasonic cable connect to gimbal, not to phone, here is a beta version of assistant for android which helped me

    for the face following you need to use the App on your phone connected to the gimbal, there is camera mode in the app so turn it on & put a phone on your hot shoe of the cam to have its point of view. there is a video about it on this topic. I didn´t try it for the moment.

  • @tinbeo, the gimbal firmware was ok, it was just the mobile app that didn´t see the crane. some mobiles have problems with the app as they said me.

  • End up using this crane like B camera for panning or quick zoom in shot on a tripod with my GH4. I bought a cheap mini arm using phone doing 2 camera shooting.
    image Looking for an affordable phone can shoot 4kvideo that will be mount like A camera ( for event shooting ). Your ideas to help will be appreciated.

    3776 x 2520 - 703K
    2520 x 3776 - 618K
  • I recently fond out a new 3-axis gimbal called MOZA Air. In my opinion , it's very look alike Zhiyun Crane, but Moza Air has a huge difference , it built in motion time lapse also carry more weights (says the company it self). But, here is a big BUT , has anyone had their previous product ? Any suggestion or review ?

    [Edited by VK, preorder part removed]

  • @dannywong3

    It is best to make separate topic.

    One thing for sure is that it does not use same controller and software as Zhiyun, as it is proprietary.

  • Is the deal still falid? And is it the Zhiyun Crane Z1 v2, whats the difference between v1 and v2 anyway? Thanks

  • Is the deal still falid?

    Valid :-)

    And is it the Zhiyun Crane Z1 v2, whats the difference between v1 and v2 anyway? Thanks

    I'll give you more details as get from factory.

  • last job I´ve made with zhiyun crane & gh 4,

  • For now info is that it is same, just due to firmware (that also is on original) it now officially promoted as 1.8kg gimbal. Marketing thing.

  • Thanks Vitaliy! Did anyone from Germany order it from here, and if so did you have to pay import taxes?

  • Yes, we had to pay import taxes.