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How to delete patches from Ptool!
  • Hi! I'm new to this and I accidentally loaded tons of patches into Ptool (all the A to J buttons are green) and now I can't delete the patches in Ptool. How do I make the green buttons go red again so I can add more patches?

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  • You do not need to delete anything, at all.

  • I don't understand, @vitaliy_kieselev. Why don't I need to delete it? I'm not happy with the patches and would like to switch them.

  • And do this as you did before.

  • How do i change the buttons, though? how do i put different patches on them? please explain

  • Save as you did at first, read tooltip text.

  • I'm sorry, I still don't understand? I'm really trying to figure this out. Is there a tutorial anywhere, or could you please explain in more detail?

  • Just add new patches. No need to uninstall. You did it once. What's the issue?

  • Just quit Ptool and start over!