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My homage to the 80'ies 3 min up-tempo synth-pop songs
  • Tried to capture the essence of the fun, up-tempo and a bit melancholy synth-pop of the 80'ies. The decade I loved so much. I made this with a lot of old gear for the music Rolands, Korgs and Yamaha DX of course. Shot on the Sony A6000 with the kit-lens and the 55mm 1.8. Some shots are with the iPhone 6 and a 4K hack to get some movement going.

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  • Love the music - thanks for sharing! This could have been a hit in the 80's - you're very talented!

  • "Love the music - thanks for sharing! This could have been a hit in the 80's - you're very talented!"

    That's very nice of you to say. Thanks!

  • Great song! Not out of place at all, with today's mash-up of music styles!

  • Very cool! Someone else here with a synth addiction

  • Thanks guys! Appreciated. Be sure to check my site for more retro sounding tunes.

  • Very cool @elkanah77. Reminds me of a cross between soundtracks for an 80s Van Damme movie and some kind of White Nights Gregory Hines thing...the sad moments after someone dies...just before they rally to make the comeback.

  • No frakkin way! Another Synthwaver on P-V! Excellent track with spot on sound, killer vocals and gobsmackingly good progressions :-) You can't go wrong with the wholy trinity of a Juno 6, a DX7 and a DW6000. Extra points for the ripped jeans!

    Do you have Soundcloud?

  • I actually is working on a track right now that a friend of mine suggested I should send to Van Damme haha. Thanks for your comments and glad you liked it. As for the jeans... well they've served me well for a long time now. ;-)