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What cause this kind of problem ( Lumix GH2 )
  • Hi, and first of all thanks for the time you've all put into this website that a goldmine for people like me ;)

    can someone tell me what kind of problem is that , if that is sensor or something else... and in the case you know where I can get the part for repair that would be of help, I love this camera...

    Hebergeur d'image

    Thanks for your time and consideration


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  • Repaired ! as I had no answer and since it was unusable, I opened the baby ( lost for lost... ) the fall made one of the flat digital nap to disengage halfway, plugged it back and it work properly, the worst moment was to work to get back autofocus that i had lost at the first remount, now everything work properly and the sensor isn't damaged at all.

  • Cool.

    But you see no answer as people, unfortunately are unable to diagnose issue by such picture.

  • Hi Vitaliy, thanks for the answer ;) and yes it could be complicated, and i was somehow in "panic"