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FilmPower ROXOR – a 4K integrated brushless gimbal camera
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  • ROXOR VS iPhone6 plus footage test

  • @Trumpetman Because of less shipments now, less user videos. Shipments will increase in future, user video will be more and more. If you are interested in ROXOR, keep attention, thank you.

  • CES 2016 GM Cadillic [ROXOR Gimbal Camera 1080P60 RAW video file]

  • CES 2016 SONY Booth [ROXOR Gimbal Camera 1080P60 RAW video file]

  • CES 2016 Ford Mustang Racing [ROXOR Gimbal Camera 1080P60 RAW video file]

  • ROXOR time lapse MOV 0.5S in Stanford University

  • Filmpower Team attended CONNECT 2016 Cross-Pacific Mobile Internet Conference. The 45th session of vice President Al GORE attend and made a speech.

    1136 x 852 - 73K
    1136 x 1136 - 98K
    1136 x 852 - 109K
  • Japanese shooting after snow


  • I think the gimbal looks pretty good. It's crying out for some kind of manual control over exposure though. If they managed that, I'd,even buy the white version

  • This is one ugly camera.

  • Well my Roxor lasted a grand total of 5 minutes, 3 of which were trying to get it to approach a vaguely acceptable horizon. Turned it off then turned back on and - nothing. Well I can actually turn on the screen but all gyro control gone. I guess that thing about something being too good to be true, is heavily founded in reality. $199 + shipping down the toilet - ho hum. I was hardly expecting a DJI Osmo, and had already accepted that the 4K was a joke (10fps !) but honestly, my kids have won better quality toys from the local fairground.

    So sorry FilmPower but huge fail.

  • @2wheelsimon ROXOR positioning consumer electronics, which are not professional photography equipment. ROXOR can satisfy most application, picture quality and parameters is the equal of Gopro silver version. Gopro silver version is $399, and it was just a camera without stabilizer.

  • FilmPower ROXOR Let fly like a bee

  • @Avril_Lovin. I think you rather miss the point of my post. I was not expecting this to be a professional camera (I use my fully rigged GH4s for that), I even stated I did not expect it to be an Osmo and, further, I had accepted that 4k was only 10fps.

    I was sharing my experience with those forum members considering spending money on a camera and gimbal combination. My experience (not subjective but actual), is that the Roxor failed after five minutes, it is broken the gimbal does nothing.


  • @Avril_Lovin. I don't know if you are a rep for this camera or what, but there is no way this camera is the equal of the GoPro silver. Even if the gimbal worked properly, which apparently it does not, the camera itself is a miserable failure.

  • Japanese user test video

  • There is a strange stuttering effect in the edited Video. This can be reproduced with different editing programms on different computers. Beside that, there are many issues with my Roxor. Mine suffers from dementia and doesn't save anything. The clock does not work, so the files are in complete disorder. Wifi doesn't work either. This is by far the worst product i ever bought.

  • My God can someone just bury this thing and be done with it.

  • @Trumpetman

    I shall be in the garden with a big shovel and my Roxor tomorrow, watch this space for crystal clear footage of it being consigned back to where it came from.

    Naively imagined that a FilmPower Person would engage with me and the others who have this POS but they are too busy putting out videos as above. The irony is I saw this as an opportunity to put a toe in the water prior to me buying a proper 3 axis gimbal for the GH4 - guess who will not be on my shortlist?

  • i just don't get it. they commit suicide. they will simply die with this product. they earned some good reputation for assembling just more or less working gimbals. sure, the code of the ripped alexmos board was clearly stolen, but so did most chinese gimbal manufactureres beside dji, and most of them failed to produce a working gimbal, but the gimbals of the nebula line seemed to work. the camera of the roxor is just unusable. But more important, most of the roxors are defective. the cam can be bought standalone for 30-40 dollars. the just combound a ultra low cost cam with a low cost gimbal without any quality control. if they really ask 400 dollars plus for this POS it is a clear rip off. the only thing that makes me smile: i lost 280 Euros. they will loose their hole business.

  • If the ROXOR you bought have problem, you could contact our support, we will help you to slove the problem. If you don' t like it, you also could return the gimbal to us. The product is constantly improve and progress, we will also listen to the questions and summarize to improve the product.

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