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Imperialism and exploitation by inflating prices
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    This is production cost of famous crappy headphones (via You can find similar posts about iPhones and many other things.

    Imperialist corporations use theory of market value to hide significance of this difference.


    In the logic of the “smiling curve,” the main part of the value of the product is added in the North, while the labor in the South, which manufactures the goods, contributes only a minimal portion thereof. According to this view, multinational corporations perform a public service by reducing the price of consumer goods. In truth, however, low market prices for such goods conceal the fact that workers have to live in miserable conditions due to the low wages and grueling working conditions in the Southern part of the production chains.

    In Marxist terms, by contrast, value is the sum of direct and indirect socially necessary labor time that has gone into producing a commodity (in the form of currently performed or “living labor” and capital or “dead labor,” respectively). Although, as we will see, the market price of a commodity regularly diverges from its value, it is ultimately determined by value. Thus if one were to draw the curve for the Marxist concept of value added, in a production chain for computers, it would take more or less the opposite form of the smile curve—a kind of “sour smiley”


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