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Ivan0135 ....cgi fraud ?
  • Ok....something light ! And in response to V's "no ufo's here" , what'd ya'll think about these obviously cgi created internet mythmakers ? In my experience of distressing imagery, I find them pretty well made. If you want to google Ivan0135, there's alot of speculation...some good...some ridiculous.

    Enjoy...unless the overlord zaps them with his magic wand !

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  • Please do not post such s..t.

  • verbotten ....oh my...yes, that'll make it more interesting !

  • @kurth: See this incredible exclusive material for even more enlightenment... :-)

  • @karl ...I was really more interested in techniques used to degrade the images, and other cgi methods ....or puppetry etc....but since you brought it that your site, or best friends ?

  • @kurth: That site was amongst the "weekly link recommendations" of the German satire magazine "Der Postillon", and a hilarious one, indeed!

  • no one's got any intelligent idea how these images were created ? ....or we're just sitting around with 5k powermacs with our thumbs up our backsides, huh ? ...cause these sure put steven spielberg to shame , when you really watch it.