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Field Monitor for GH4
  • I am planning for an indie feature film on the GH4. Will be shooting on the flattest setting i can get at 24pfs, 4k. I have a budget of 400$ max and would like to go for the most advised monitor for the GH4. I only wish to have a accurate color,best resolution and good overall build quality monitor. I dont want any of the waveforms and other features on it. What would folks here suggest for the GH4 in such circumstances?

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  • Aputure vs-2 works fine with the gh4.

  • I have the F&V MeticaFM 7 and it works great with the GH4.

  • Check

    as it has topics about most affordable monitors.

    Neway CL76 is most popular still, yet it will be soon out of production (due to more costly panels used in it, and they are no longer made).