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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
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  • i just receic the FT-6664 carbon tripod with 717AH fluid head, very fast transaction, and really good manufactured. Thank's all of us for your work, i 'm going to test it with GH2.

  • Received the 7402 today and soon after decided I'm going to marry it.

  • I also just got my FT-6664 carbon tripod with 717AH fluid head. Seems really superb. Thanks Vitaliy for setting this up.

    I wish there were an angle setting for the legs between the normal and very wide settings (and they could do away with the totally flat leg setting), but that's a minor quibble. sturdy, lightweight and nice fluid head. Best tripod i've ever owned (though that's not saying much) - but probably also the best i've ever used. Good build quality.

    They forgot the ball head in the initial shipment, but were nice enough to ship it out anyway separately once they realized the mistake - without my even having to ask.

    The 6664 tripod legs initially seem sorta light for use with the pan motion of the fluid head - they can move around when panning if you're not careful. But since there's a nice hook on the bottom between the legs, you can just hang a backpack or whatever underneath to add weight when you need it without having to carry around the extra weight of heavy tripod legs.

    With just a GH2 and a very light lens like the 20mm pancake the fluid head's spring wants to being the camera back to horizontal pretty quick. Luckily the vertical lock mechanism works well and does not seem to cause any bumps in the video when engaging or disengaging. With a heftier lens (ie an all-metal Minolta MC Rokkor 135mm) it feels more balanced. But I dont have much experience with fluid heads, so take this with a grain of salt :)

  • Having had the e-image carbon monopod for a while; I can highly recommend it. I replaced the head with a manfrotto 701, which is lighter. (very good combo actually)

    Serves as a minijib, stabilizer and whatnot.. really good tool.

  • All I can say here is that as Vitaliy_Kiselev just pointed out to me, the Weifeng 717 fluid head is the best thing I've ever seen for the money. I don't have that name brand but I have two with other names slapped on em and I can't believe what you get for the price! I have two of em. One on a small tripod/head combo when it's just the camera or part of my slider combo, or when we have a B cam going and someone brings a POS plastic one. And then I bought another one for the head for the slider. Not sure anything can touch it for the price. It actually wasn't too far off a 501HDV head that I eventually got rid of for an old school 316.

  • I ordered 2 FT-6664 and they arrived yesterday. It's great value for the money, I can highly recommend this deal. Thanks to Vitaliy for making this deal possible.

  • My Weifeng FC-04H Fluid head and CT7402 legs arrived this morning. On the first look, it is top quality by all means. Some two hours after ordering it via Vitaliy, I received e-mail from China with tracking # and it took only 9 days until delivery (due to very slow customs here in Europe), cool. The tripod is very sturdy and I'm happy it is big enough. I will try to write here small review after testing it, could take week or two - lots of work right now. Thanks Vitaliy, not only amazing hacks but also great deals for us! (-:

  • My Weifeng FC-04H Fluid head and CT7402 legs arrived this morning too. Fancier kept me updated, and it only took eleven days to get here (Texas, USA). The legs are very sturdy and easy to adjust. The fluid head is nice and smooth with easy adjustments. I will not have my full rig built for a few days, so I can't check the counterbalance settings yet. It did come with the alternate spring, but after spending an hour trying to figure out how to change it, I did not figure it out. Will push on with that tomorrow. Thanks, Vitaliy!

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  • Has there been any more user reviews since 2012?

    Looks like a nice package - WeiFeng is silly money for apparent reasonable quality, how are they holding up with time?

    The Vitaliy setup look nice too.

  • I´ve got one FC-04H Mod Fluid head and CT7402 legs today. Awesome product! Well built and nice and smooth head.

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