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Social media disruptor?
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  • I know, most people want to label this some kind of scam but I just wanted tootle people the app now has a built in gift voucher store and now they are giving Gems (a kind of bitcoin) away free daily. Whats not to like, free money and coffee?

  • Oh, noooo! Gold bugs on the loose! After the numerous panics in the 19th century, including two in the 1840's, followed up by the Great Depression, the U.S. government finally got smart and went off the gold standard. All hard currency schemes are biased in favor of those who already have everything. It is tight money that consistently produces economic instability. That is why the Fed, wisely, and over the screams of hard-money advocates, initiated Quantitative Easing after 2008. Sigh - new generations never learn from history.

  • Its a decentralised messenger app that instead of FB, WhatsApp, etc takes billions of dollars from advertisers and gives you nothing but Security infringement. What the fuck has that got to do with Gold?

    Some people won't be given free stuff even if you stuff it in their hands....oh well.

  • @suresure123 - nothing about the app

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