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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Firmware v2.6 released

    1. Expanded compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters
      • Profoto wireless transmitters "Air Remote TTL-O/P" and "Profoto Connect-O/P" can be used.
      • All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
    2. Improved AF performance
      • [AF-ON: Near Shift] and [AF-ON: Far Shift] functions have been added. [AF-ON: Near Shift] preferably focuses on a subject nearby while [AF-ON: Far Shift] preferably focuses on a subject far away.
      • Focus Peaking function is available in any AF mode.
      • It is possible to set continuous AF on the live view screen in Creative Video mode or in other video recording mode when the video recording area is displayed.
    3. Other added functions
      • [AWBw] has been added to WB mode.
      • [Highlight Weighted] has been added to metering mode.
      • [Exposure Offset Adjust.] has been added to Custom menu, which enables adjustment of the standard exposure value for all metering modes.
      • [0.5SEC] has been added for an option of [Duration Time (photo)] in [Auto Review].
    4. Other improvements
      • AE can be locked with the [AF/AE LOCK] button when ISO Auto is set in M mode.
      • [MODE1] has been added to the Live View Boost function, which increases the frame rate for smooth image display to enable easier manual focusing.
    5. Improved operational stability
      • There were cases where Backup Recording using the Double Card Slot Function stopped during writing. This bug has been fixed.
      • There were cases where the images shot vertically did not rotate on playback. This bug has been fixed.
      • Operational stability of image stabilizer has been improved. (When [Image Stabilizer] > [E-Stabilization(Video)] and [Boost I.S.(Video)] is ON. ).

  • Guys, whats the difference between Lumix names, like DC-GH5L, DC-GH5EB-K, GH5K and so on..?

  • K is kit, B is black. Not sure about the L....tempted to say with a Leica lens but no idea.

  • Thank you Dr Dave. And how about regions? I mean is every GH5 switchable from PAL to NTSC and back?

  • The last time we used one in the Netherlands, we switched from 25p to 23.976. But AFAIK there are other variations besides Europe and US--so double check if you need a specific frame rate.

  • History Channel Documentary Feature shot with GH5

  • History Channel Documentary Feature shot with GH5

    That 3 episode of BTS was fascinating!

    A few quick points I got from it:

    1) poor soundie... he was working solo

    2) their NDs broke right at the start! :-o And their budget was too tight to replace it, so they just bumped up their shutter speed. But this wasn't soooo bad, because so much was shot in slow motion by them.

    3) they're going to use the Panasonic S1H for their next film

  • Hi all,

    What's your experience with GH5 battery life as compared to GH4? I'm a long time Panasonic users and battery life has always been the best in the market. I found GH2 GH3 and GH4 having more or less tha same battery life. Now my new GH5 lasts half the time of my GH4. I've checked all the menu, except the recording format I'm using (4:2:2 10 bit long gop) all the rest is more or less the same.

    Any feedback please?


  • Cameras with IBIS use more battery. Even with IBIS turned off, the mechanism is still pulling power to hold the sensor in place.

    I would expect that cramming 10-bit 4:2:2 4K down into a tiny 150mbps file probably takes quite a bit of processing power, too.

  • Ok thanks. I didn't expect a so huge difference with my GH4

  • Yes, I noticed a difference with the GH5 batteries as compared to a G7 & G80. I'm getting less running time out of the bigger GH5 batts - but I put it down to the fact that I like to shoot in 6K mode which I'm sure is zapping the batteries more than normal 4K stuff.

  • When I first got the GH5 I tested the battery time with a brand new battery. I got 2 hours with the audio adapter running continuously. Lately the time has gone down. I used to get 3 1/2 hours with the GH4. The GH5 is still very good. For studio shoot I use AC adapter or V-Mount battery with D-Tap.

  • Wonder if the GH6 might go for the biggest battery yet? Might not be a bad idea

  • I guess they could stuff the S1/S1r/S1h battery into the GH6, I don't really think it's necessary though. I'd rather be able to reuse the five genuine GH batteries I've collected over the years.

  • UK nice offer

    GH5 body+DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip + DMW-BLF19E Battery Pack + 25mm f1.7 LUMIX G ASPH Lens for 1200 GBP

  • Stabilization test

  • On overheating

  • Hi Guys, Camera in AFS

    • AF/AE Lock = AF LOCK
    • AF/AE LOCK Hold = ON

    You press the button once, the camera REFOCUS and then LOCK THE FOCUS (green dot un the upper display corner) I've been using this mode for years since GH2.

    Now I have an external monitor: once the ext. monitor is connected, the rear button AF/AE Lock just locks the focus but it doesn't focus anymore.

    Am I the only one? COuld someone with an external monitor confirm?

    Thank you in advance

  • Come on guys, nobody uses AF Lock?

  • @LongJohnSilver - Confirmed. I never use this. But getting the same thing you described once an external monitor is plugged in and powered on.

  • @filthy thank you. So now I know it's a bug.