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Kopin / Fourth Dimension Displays showcase 4000dpi micro display
  • This looks like a good candidate for future viewfinders - at 2048×1536 resolution still tiny enough to be built into a camera:


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  • Applications that will benefit from this increased performance include 3D inspection of System in Package (SiP) devices and Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy.


  • It is not for camera EVFs for certain.

  • According to a news article I just read, Kopin showcased the new display as sort of a camera viewfinder, this was said to be the piece exhibited at "Displayweek":


    Maybe the news coverage was misleading or referencing the wrong product, though.

  • Forth Dimension Displays: World leader in designing and manufacturing high–resolution Microdisplays and Spatial Light Modulators for the industrial, healthcare and government markets.

    I think it is not for normal consumer cameras.

    All leading manufacturers now settled on OLED. I think next gen will go to FullHD resolution soon.