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Sony Alpha hacks talk
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  • Can we work on an app for video based A7 cameras.

    Some really useful features would be: The ability to auto pull focus from a "C" button. Saving focus points and then recalling them. Setting the focus duration from point A to B.

    Similar "macros" for automated aperture control and optical zoom on lenses that support it would also be cool.

    I'd love to know if this is possible. Thanks

  • Hello. I just got an a7ii and feel out of tune after getting to know that there is no 4k. I've heard that it is possible to remove 30 minutes limit, but how about 4k, is that a chance to switch it on? or there is hardware/firmware limitations? Thank you.

  • @Ravi

    Just get proper camera (can get even cheap Z-CAM E1), such things won't happen.

  • Do you have the Japanese language firmware of SONY A7RM3 and A7M3 modified? If so, please send it to my email, ok? E-mail: 572017317

  • It's possible to make hack to add the aspect ratio 6:7 and 4:5 for the ILCE-7?

  • @sonyknipser

    For now no one is doing it.

  • Hello

    This will be very usefull:

    1. Focus Stacking
    2. High resolution shooting mode: sencor makes shift for second shot and than camera unites both shots

    Thank you

  • Hello guys. I just recently bought an A7RII. What existing hacks I can install to get the full power of this machine?. I already installed: and some hacks from: But is it anything else that can improve my camera or unlock some features?. Thank you!

  • Has anyone tried to connect to this UART ports? My camera's motherboard is dead it flashes screen three times and turns off. I'm trying to restore it. Maybe someone already tries connecting to this ports to work with serial console?

    Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 1.48.15 PM.png
    1460 x 1326 - 185K
  • Bonjour y a t'il un développement pour supprimé le star eater des sony pas mal d’astrophotographe seraient prêt a payer un petit plugin

    Hello is there a development for deleted the star eater of the sony quite a lot of astrophotographer would be willing to pay a small plugin

    Thank you

    Good year 2019

  • @Saeba

    It is low level stuff, as far as I understand.

    Do not remember about such hacks for Sony.

  • Hello guys. New here and looking to unlock the languages on a Japanese Sony A7ii. Would anybody have the time (and patience) to possibly walk me through it please? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.