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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera
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  • Just ordered! I'll have it in one week, if chinese are fast. I'll post my tests ASAP

  • I was thinking about lens mount mod as with gopro ribcage

  • One more thing regarding overheating - in 2034 x 1296 camera goes less hot than in "deafault" FHD (1920 x 1080), because less processing power is needed, as the 1296p is A7LS sensors native resolution - as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong.

  • and GoPro HERO4 Black

  • Now MANUAL selection of ISO (100 - 25600), exposure, white balance, noise reduction etc. available! Here is how

  • Good resource. Happy to see my Blacklevel and Whitelevel adjustments have made it into the script, although it would have been nice to have gotten some credit for that. ;) Same goes for nutsey, who configured raw2dng.

  • All right, I just realized that we may indeed get clean HDMI, by switching the overlays OFF (in Configure menu using config tool CC.exe from Dashcam forum).

  • Wow, nice to know. Might get some Yi's after all for broadcasting. Cheap as chips and with some lens hacks the perfect goalcams for multi camera recording :) If it's destroyed there's no crying :)

  • Finally received it. Script hacking is really easy and safe, great! I am trying to push the limits on bitrates, now I'm recording without problems with 2306 at 40mb/s. I'll try 50mb/s, GoPro with same processor can handle 60 :)

  • Please post your feedback regarding the lens mods..

  • I have dropouts with 50mbps and samsung evo 48mbps microsd card 64gb.

    @zcream: I adjusted my lens to infinity. If yours is not tack sharp (check with raw photos) - go for it! Best 30 minutes you can spend on this cam ;)

  • For complete morons amongst us (i.e. me) you'll be able to download the app for the camera by scanning the scan thing on the final page of the chinese manual. Firmware update instructions here - you'll need your serial number to hand, which is underneath the battery.

  • So this camera now offers clean HDMI output?

    Got idea about multi-camera web video stream with multiple cameras. Needed hardware:

    1. HDMI video input to computer. Maybe Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle ( ) ? Is there cheaper working option?
    2. HDMI switch for camera selection. Plenty of cheap options on eBay starting from 6 €.
    3. Xiaomi cameras

    Would it work? The best thing that you could achieve 3 camera setup for about $400 :)

  • Don't do that :)

    Use the demo of Vmix, then buy 3 cheap capturecards in a chinese webshop like dealextreme. Build those into your computer and switch between them.

    A switch will always give you black frames, it super sucks. Unless you really want to go for a super bad production offcourse :D

  • Hey everybody!

    I'm a long time forum lurker, first time poster.

    I was hoping someone could tell me if it'd be possible to swap the CMOS image sensor in this camera for another sensor.

    If it is possible what would be required (4 lane mipi, raw RGB output, reprogramming the firmware?)

    I know the Ambarella A7 can support many different sensors, so my thinking is it may be possible to use a larger image sensor such as that found in the Panasonic CM1 to hack together an inexpensive camera. If the electronics were rehoused in an old SLR camera it might be possible to make an inexpensive interchangeable lens DSLR or mirrorless if the mirror is removed.

  • I know the Ambarella A7 can support many different sensors, so my thinking is it may be possible to use a larger image sensor such as that found in the Panasonic CM1 to hack together an inexpensive camera.

    Just forget about this, find a way to work and get some money and buy camera you want.

  • Lol I do work and I already own a nice Nikon DSLR and several action cams, video cams, and both still and motion picture film cameras. It's not an issue of money.

    It's really just about making something cool, and gaining experience as a camera hacker. You've hacked many cameras, so I know you can understand where I'm coming from there.

    Vitality I have a ton of respect for your knowledge and opinions, so it seems like you're saying it's not feasible or maybe not even possible. I get that it's a nonstarter. I figured as much before I even asked.

    Question remains, if it is possible, what would it require?

  • Well, it is not camera hacking, it is full camera development, very long and costly process requiring engineers and such. And all this based on outdated Ambarella chip.

  • Anybody tried an external battery with success? I need to get about 2hrs shoot time out of one of these fellers

  • Any external USB/5v battery will do. However, it is better to remove internal one in this case, just to avoid overheating (while charging and filming at the same time).

  • Had mine for a week now, and have experimented with increased bit rate and re-focusing the lens. I would have to say anybody expecting GoPro Hero4 levels of resolution is going to be disappointed. I notice there's a fair bit of interest in this as a stills camera, which I haven't tried and so can't comment, but for video, it's a toy at the end of the day.