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Found this lens in a thrift shop
  • I need some help figuring out how to use this lens I found in a thrift shop. I've been lurking around this forum for a couple weeks and you guys seem like the friendliest most knowledgeable group so I figured I'd give you a shot.

    I'm pretty new to m43 photography, and digital in general. My last camera was a Minolta X370. I just went out and bought a used GH2 and an adapter for my old MD mount 50mm f1.7, but I've been wanting more lenses so I was cruising local thrift shops and I came across something that looked like an anamorphic lens. I bought it without thinking (it was pretty cheap) but now I have no idea how to use it.

    It says "SANKOR ANAMO-PRIME LENS f=95mm-3.74in Japan" on the side in blue letters. I googled that and apparently there are a million just like it on ebay, but no reviews, camera tests, stats, nothing. It looks kinda like this:

    Except its a little more beat up.

    I've read about mounting anamorphics with a taking lens and focusing both of them to the same distance, but that doesn't seem to be working for this one, or at least not with me hand holding it against my 50mm. It only cost $30, but after buying the GH2 I'm pretty broke and now I'm scared I threw away what money I had left on a shitty, unpopular lens I can't use.

    Does anyone know anything about this lens?

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  • This might be overly obvious, but have you tried writing the guy who made this video to ask about it? Looks like he's using the same lens you are on a fairly similar setup (only real difference being that he's using a Pentax taking lens):

  • It must be an anamorphic projector lens.. 30$ is decent for it I guess.. otherwise it would probably be ~100$ or so. Doubt it's not going to be a sharp Anamorphic lens by any means, but that's part of the fun (distortion of lights can be epic).

    I've seen a guy do anamorphic by holding a Lomo anamorphic projection lens up against his camera lens with his hand, and doing nothing more.. It looked really good actually.. As for getting everything in focus, I can't remember the routine, but if you find it out please post how.

    It's best to get the optical planes aligned as best as you can (obviously), so fashioning some sort of secure rod support will work best

  • Thanks for the answers guys.

    @eatstoomuchjam I didn't even know that video existed. I'll see if that guy is willing to help out. At least its comforting knowing someone out there made a similar sounding lens work on the same camera I have. It makes me feel better about my impulse buying.

    @robertGL I'm not expecting much. After all, someone put it in a thrift shop. I think, after looking at pictures of lenses like it on ebay, I have an idea how to get it to work. But for that I need tools I don't have, so I might have to wait a few days before I try it. Whenever I figure it out though, I'll let you know.

  • I'm not sure, but you should be able to unscrew the bottom part of that lens and use just the anamorphic part in combination with your normal lens as taking lens. I don't have any experience with that kind of lens, so judging just by the pictures. That looks like some kind of a combo projection lens with two parts. Look at this setup:

  • Yup what @inqb8tr said - the rear lens should screw off, leaving the anamorphic part only. The front might have a lock-ring that you need to loosen before you can adjust the zoom also

  • @robertGL @inqb8tr Yep, the back screwed off. I had to clamp it to a table and twist the hell out of it, but it came off. Now I have to figure out a rail system for this thing...