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Hifly - affordable 3-axis gimbals from China for large payloads
  • I just came across the Chinese gimbal brand Hifly -- they're making very affordable gimbals that support payloads from 2.5kg to 5kg (supporting cameras including RED Epic with cinema lenses), selling on eBay for prices similar to or even less than CAME. What's the story? Are these any good? They look very high quality to me, using higher quality brushless motors than CAME and most other brands.

    300 x 280 - 24K
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  • Most of them are not assembled ones, you need to take lots of time to assemble and config such as the PID setting, etc. Not easy to use and operate, if you are not very good at it, I suggest you not buying such kind of devices.

  • Issue with them is very bad feedback.