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Mix bag du CINÉMA
  • Hi there PVs, master @Vitalic
    Thought of a dumpy and smokey room for sharing essays, articles, quotes, stills, personal notes, anecdotes, semi-conscient reflexions and all else relating the filmaking craft/art =)


    Referred in the video above


    BLOW UP super duper channel, even if you don't speak french =)



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  • Now that a new instalment of the SW saga is coming, "old" material, references and techniques start to surface again; nevertheless I found this to be a truly interesting kind of homage to the guys with the brushes =)

    Source article The matte paintings of the original Star Wars trilogy and their creators


    From (for) the fans




      Found this one loaded with extremely useful advices, specially production wise =)






  • A look on previz - storyboarding. And folow up

    Samurai Films Responsible for Star Wars?!? -- or films are global conversations idea

    A bit more on Kurosawa

    Finally a more "contemplative" exploration of composition.
    Just going through Most Wanted Man's scenes stills and checking them against a grid =)


    Mr. Keaton!!



  • Keaton is the Master! He sure could run fast. And Indiana Jones only had one rock rolling behind him!

  • ... and only 1 woman, pfffff, pussy!!!

  • I don't quite agree with all of Beyl's aesthetic, cultural and philosophical assertions (despite the compelling visuals and whatnot 4 me zodiac, TSN and gone girl, as more mature poopoozas), but he surely did a super detailed/accurate research and glued all the pieces masterfully =)


    By filmmaker Cameron Beyl





    Source: The DIrectors Series