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Canon 1D X with AVC Intra frame video mode
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  • More features coming to light

    Capitative touch pad for silent operation of controls whilst recording video

    Manual audio control. Meta data recorded to THM file for video clips. Up to ISO 51,200 in video mode

    ... And I still prefer the GH2 :) We have i-frame codec for free!

    Some nasty aliasing in that video clip, hope it is just the crap web format they've used.
  • With all of the talent at Canon, you would think they would have someone who could do a better job of encoding video for the web! Hopefully there will be better encoded video from other sources soon so that we can judge the true Aliasing and moire handling capabilities of this camera.
  • @EOSHD "Some nasty aliasing in that video clip, hope it is just the crap web format they've used."

    Yeah look at the beard stubble in the shot where he's laying down. That sucks. Maybe I'll keep my AF/GH2 combo.
  • pixel peeping I see issues in the blacks... also it doesnt seem to like blue, that blue wall was going artifact CRAZY
  • I love how many people around the web are bitching about GOP1 176mbit in the GH2, "what a waste of space for nothing" and now they are all excited for the 350mbit intra of this new camera... people its still shitty ole H.264
  • It's true that it's H.264, but so is Panasonic's AVCIntra, and that codec is beautiful as well as 422.
  • If I am not mistaken those videos where shot at 12500 and 25000 ISO. The encoding is also very bad and I think the camera is in beta form because it will not launch until march next year. So every judgement is a little premature.
  • True True^^ hey im praying its a good cam, Im a canon guy all day... Would love to see them do something that competes with this little GH2... if it isnt 4:2:2 then its not gonna be a game changer I dont think
  • The value proposition of the GH2 will still be here, but if it is a 10 bit 4.2.2. iframe then we are not in the same category. The 10 bit itself would be huge.

    I am speculating a lot, but if this camera has as good as GH2 scaling (is possible because they have about the same megapixel) 10 bit 422 and a cinestyle picture mode getting the most of the DR (which canon says has been improved) with internal codec at 350 megabit. Then it would be ground breaking. A true contender to the Slog Sony F3 with external recorder in the $ 20 000 range, which itself is a contender to the $ 60 000+ ARRi Alexa.

    Now it is out of my budget but we could see a lot of this tech migrate in its lower end sibling like a 7d mark 2 and 5d mark 3. Canon has upped the game and we should all be glad as Sony and Panasonic will be forced to stop insulting people with their 8 bit avchd 24 mbit codec in $ 5000 cameras.
  • One thing can be concluded from the video.
    sensor readout is much better.
    the canon 5d makes drumsticks look like they are made of spaghetti.

  • yes 8 bit 24m on a camcorders that cost $5000 is retarded, i dont care how bad you need xlr inputs or the other features the camcorders have... your getting robbed. if this thing does have 10bit 422 and a clean image there would be no reason for me at least to buy an fs100 or af100 (id still much rather have the gh2 then either of those cameras). until we see proof of 10bit 422 everything is speculation, we can say "well this points to it or that points to it" but im kind of doubting that canon would give us that in a dslr. its crazy that this is happening right before the nov 3rd announcement, who knows what they have up their sleeve. another thing to think about is what its going to cost for cards with this thing, if you want a good amount of space your looking at $1000 in cf cards!
  • You have two mode of recording which I think is very good and logical. The long gop for events, concert etc the quality should be plenty enough. The intra codec for more planed shoot like advertising and features, where you have time between take and can transfer the files. It even has a ethernet port, I don't know if it is practical.
  • I assume this is Canon's last big hurrah for the traditional FF DSLR shooter?

    Am I crazy for thinking, why are they not recording to SSD in 2012?
    No new form factor, no ETC mode, no 4K video, no new lens to go with it at launch...

    I assume Nov 3rd is really the High MP DSLR and Cinema Video body launchg day...

  • One thing we've learned, Canon's marketing department is still clueless. That video looks dreadful. But it's true the drumsticks look much better than they would on our 5d. I'm hopeful this thing will kick ass. Love the i-frame codec idea. Shows how totally on the money driftwood was with his relentless pushing of gop1.

    What do you think, will the 5d mk3 arrive then after this cam? Maybe next summer? And who knows what Canon has in store for the 3rd...

    "if you want a good amount of space your looking at $1000 in cf cards" Moore's law says that by March that will be a little cheeper at least.
  • @namtot
    Have you even used an AF100? It's a pretty amazing piece of equipment. I own both the AF100 and the GH2, and I'd personally take the AF100 hands down over the hacked GH2 99% of the time.

    Sorry this was a bit off topic.
  • Way off topic. Has anyone found any other vids shot with the new Canon?
  • The data rates on this camera lead me to believe there's no problem
    fitting 4K video into that data stream.

    Looks like a Canon S35 4K camera for Nov 3rd for sure (minus hair dryer shape) ...

    Hope they keep the price in check...
  • canon= Keep price in check? yeah ok lol... this is 7k, what do you think a camera shooting 4k is gonna cost, i doubt it will be under 13k to compete the f3
  • Man I think some of you are nuts for complaining about the video and pics. Those ISO's are insane. The Movie was shot with 70-200mm f2.8 at ISO 25600!!! I didn't see Aliasing and Moire as much as just noise, which is to be understood at that level of ISO. Certainly acceptable levels of all for such a high ISO level. Overall pretty darned impressive IMO.
  • @Aria
    As long as someone does not independently test this camera, we can not excite a film made-for advertising for this device ...
  • H.264 is a great cutting edge codec, I don't underestimate it, it is just that a big data rate is only useful when you have big data to fit in it! 4-2-0 is compressed colour, 8bit has less data than 10bit, and until now scaling of the sensor has decreased resolution, so that is only reason why 300Mbit+ is a bit silly on an i-Frame codec on a DSLR. If they can justify that high bitrate with good res and colour, then 1D X will be a winner in my view.
  • I think people expecting 4k video in a dslr form factor in the next few month are going to be really disappointed. For myself I can't understand the need mostly at these price point of a 4k camera. The media and everything to process it would be insane for todays world. A high DR, true 1080p hd camera and quality high bitrate 10 bit codec is more than enough at these price point and form factor. One of the most used camera in Hollywood is the $ 60 000+ Arri alexa, and if I could get its little brother for 10x less I won't be disappointed a bit. There are 4k camera and the cost that goes along. If tomorrow we get a $ 3000 5dmark3 with hopefully about the same quality (hoping for 10 bit) I will feel that Canon will be fantastic.
  • Well the 4K2K TVs are coming. Don't be surprised to see the consumer camera hardware to encourage more TV sales. Don't rule it out :)
  • That last shot at 3:10 to 3:13 was strange. It wobbled side to side.

    Also, the fact that it has a fast ethernet port for transferring images is a good thing no? Wouldn't one be able to capture the full raster image in all of its glory over an ethernet connection? School me please.
  • HD tv have been here for how much time, until now hd is not even mainstream in 90% of the world. Yes I have seen a $ 30 000 or $ 60 000 4k plasma TV by Panasonic but I think the uptake from HD to 4k will be even slower than From SD to HD. The reason is that of diminishing return. I have been watching 2k movies at normal viewing distance at the cinema and has yet to see a pixel. Most people don't even see the difference between a DVD and an HD content. It bug me and I am always complaining, more so when they are watching stretched 4:3 format on their 16:9 TV. This is perhaps why the Japanese manufacturers are afraid to push the technologies, because they know that in terms of moving images we are not far from the human threshold. That is that the tech goes beyond our sensory faculty, that people just don't need to upgrade until the thing just wear out. So you won't feel the need to upgrade your TV every 10 years.