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Panasonic Varicam 35
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    -S35MM 4096 X 2160 Advanced MOS Imager
    -14+ Stops of Latitude
    -Variable Frame Rate — 1 to 120 fps in 4K(VRAW)
    -Records simultaneous 4K/ 2K/Proxy, or UHD/HD/Proxy + Raw to Codex (option)
    -Apple ProRes 4:4:4:4 and ProRes HQ Built-in
    -AVC-Intra Codecs -- Class 100 / Class 200 / Class 4:4:4
    -2-piece Modular Design (docks to AU-VREC1G recording module)
    -Dual-Native ISOs

    Retails at, $55,000


    Video Series on the camera:
    Part 1, Overview:

    Part 2, Hands On:

    Part 3, VRaw:

    Part4, Workflow:

    Part 5, Wireless CDL:

    Part 6, Dual ISO Demonstration:

    Part 7, Theo Van De Sande Review:

    Part 8, QA &Acknowledgements:

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  • Emmanuel Pampuri got his hands on this camera and posted some interesting footage. He shot at the new codec, AVCUltra 4:2:2. He posted a Pro-Res 4:2:2 HQ version of the footage (that originated from AVCUltra) that we can download and play with. I included the link below, to download the footage.

    I downloaded this footage, and toyed around with it, I must say this camera has a really nice image. Like they mention in the videos, they have managed to turn their noise into grain. This camera doesn't have noise, it has grain. I agree with this with one caveat, that being the AVCUltra. They boast in video #4 that AVCUltra is a fraction of the size of ProRes blahblahblah. To do this there is always a sacrifice, and they are lying if they say it doesn't. In playing with emmanuel's footage I found that when I used advanced coloring techniques it introduced a lot of saturation noise (not grain, sorry varicam) in the darks and lower mids. Clearly a codec issue.... Fortunately the camera offers ProRes recording as well. I am curious to see how they stack up in some tests, if my suspicions are correct the PR will not have this issue.

    Due to what I suspect is a codec issue with the AVCUltra codec, I am very anxious to see what the quality is on the V-Raw.

    Dual ISO looks pretty incredible! Can't believe no one has tried it before, I love it when an idea is so simple in nature, but no one has thought of it yet. I may be mistaken, maybe it has been thought of and Pan. are the first ones to pull it off, but as far as I know its the first time it has been thought of.

    The color science is Vari nice ;) did you see what I did there? I am liking V-Log, and would love to see it available on my GH4, would make the GH4 the perfect companion camera (for drone work, or a throwaway cam for stunts etc.) These two would make a killer duo on a feature.

    This is a very long winded review, based of a very small test. Would love to get my hands on some V-Raw, and some ProRes from this camera winkwink panasonic. Or better yet a loaner to test out! I may have to wait til it hits the rental houses... certainly don't have $55,000 just lying around.!nEQURDAB!ZUtXe0brdDPVyY64AmBW5_0kttpGaEA91HRF5DZ5qVU

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