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Any new reviews on follow focus units?
  • I'm in the market for a good follow focus. Has anyone bought one recently that they're happy with?

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  • I got the fotga dp2 with hard stops from vital y's deals, it is a great unit I can't see what more than that you would want from a ff, it is smooth, adjustable and very well made.

    1993 x 2448 - 1M
    1993 x 2448 - 530K
  • Thanks Adam.

    Anyone else have one they like or agree with Adam?

  • Anyone else have one they like or agree with Adam?

    Current Fotga models are unrivalled in their price range.

  • @TwitHerb:

    I can also confirm that the DP500IIS models are REALLY good (at their low price point).
    Nothing is coming close (especially quality and "sitback" / mechanical "play" wise) ...
    (Btw.: Avoid the DP3000 models - A little bit cheaper yes.
    But full plastic vs. metal of the DP500IIS - And there is often "play" in the mechanics.)

    Btw.: Fotga also offers different gear sizes for the DP500IIS - Which I HIGHLY recommend to buy!
    There are three types (small - middle - big). So you can always choose the right one.
    (Why? Because that´s important to compensate for example very short or very long focus throws.
    The small one you can use with modern glass and short focus throw ...
    And the big one for example for vintage glass - With up to OVER 300° of focus throw.)


  • I have Tilta T-03 and it's awesome. Love the grip, tension control, etc. It's perfect. However, I have heard great things about the new Fotga and used to own a previous version which was fantastic. My only (somewhat superficial) gripe with Fotga stuff is even though it is high quality it appears like a toy. Perhaps it is the bright blue colors. Again, very superficial but maybe if you will have clients who care about such things and know about follow focuses, if they don't know the brand they may expect it to look more no-nonsense or rugged.

  • I have the Fotga DP300, I love everything about it except for one thing: It turns the "wrong" way.

    This is ok if you got Nikon lenses since their focus rings also turn in the opposite direction compared to other lenses. But when put on a lens that turn in the "right" way the Fotga is "backward": Turn it forward it focuses closer, turn it back it focuses further away. It should be the other way around. Extremely annoying for a focus puller.

  • May anyone recommend worthy follow focus that is not bulky? The one that is very much light weight (except the well known "50 dollar ff" sold by hondo).