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Are all POWER OIS lenses unsuitable for handheld shooting?
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  • Panasonic 14-140mm f3.5-5.6.

  • I'd like to see many more examples......

  • The new Olympus E-M5 mk 2 has good video quality and amazing new IBIS. Lets see if people are moving to Olympus for handheld video.

  • I tested the OIS stability in video with my Panasonic GX7 with the 35-100/2.8 @70mm vs. my LX-100 @70mm. You can still see much more micro-jitter on the 35-100 than in the LX100. Shame, really as it is an awesome stills lens.

  • Have anyone heard something about 14-140mm II possible FW fix for OIS?

    12-35mm f2.8 got a video OIS fix

    35-100mm f2.8 gor a video OIS fix

    14-140mm I got several video OIS fixes.

    100-300mm got video OIS fix.

    14-140mm II ????

  • @Vesku the 35-100/2.8 got a fix, but as per my video above, it doesn't help my copy of the lens much.

    Does anyone know if the new 100-300 is jitter-free?

  • BTW, the 100-300 lens is not new. I had this lens and it is jitter-free. It has a Mega OIS, which is comparable to the OIS of the 14-140 I lens. However, you should not expect wonders. Above 100 mm it is very hard to achieve stable results with both lenses without giving additional support (tripod, stable ground etc.). Especially for 4K recording, where rolling shutter becomes much more evident.

  • @sportster, sorry I was confusing the 100-300 with the "new" Olympus and the new Panasonic 14-150 which got updated.

    Do you have any experience with the Panasonic 45-175 lens stabilisation in video? I'm looking for something a little bit longer with decent OIS, and I'm not happy with the 35-100/2.8 in video (as per my example video above).

  • New test of 14-140 1 vs 14-140 II OIS

    Not very helpful because the tester just pans around with these lenses.

  • Just got my Nebula 4000, and slapped the BM Pocket cam, with a Panny 14-42 pancake on it. That lens get the jitters when going handheld, but to my surprise, it works absolutley fine on the Nebula.

  • @sgreszcz I own the 45-175 lens. I like this lens because of it's compactness and optical quality. I sold the 100-300 lens because I find the 45-175 range much more versatile for my use cases. The Power OIS of this lens seems to be similar to the Power OIS of the 14-140 II lens, which means that jitter might be a slightly better compared to the 35-100 lens. I use Mercalli V4 to eliminate it, which works quite well for these 3 lenses.

  • @sgreszcz What camera are you using? I've got the new firmware update and it does sweet bugger all for the stabilisation on my GH2. @Vesku Big thanks to you for being at the very least instrumental in getting the update.

  • Look at this example. Is this OK for 2000 dollars video kit? GH4 and 14-140 II.

  • Panasonic 14-140 II vs Canon 70-200 OIS

    What happens when those lenses are in the same tripod rig. Canon is very steady but Panasonic vibrates very ugly in TRIPOD!

    998 x 980 - 187K
  • thanks for the test Vesku! unbelievable how useless P.O.I.S. on this lens is... 0_o

  • @theteddy I'm using the GX7. I don't have another Panasonic m4/3 camera to test with. The firmware update says that it is for the GH3/GH4, but since it was for the lens, that shouldn't depend on camera?

  • Microjitters are more apparent if the image is very very sharp. When things are a but fuzzy you can't see it. I think newer lens on 4k sensors make everything scream out.

  • I don't know how the rest of these tests were shot but to keep OIS on (GH4 and 14-140 vs A7S Canon 70-200) when shooting on a tripod means whoever carried out the test hasn't read the instructions. Panasonic recommends that the OIS is turned off when using a tripod as the lens will try to compensate for movement that isn't there. For stills and video.

  • New lens firmware released for several Power OIS lenses (42.5mm, 12-35mm, 35-100mm, etc.).

    It appears that mostly designed to handle the dual IS feature, but you never know.

    Dual I.S.( Image Stabilizer ) is available by this firmware update. (in case of the usage of Camera with this function) * Dual I.S.:Innovative Handshake Correction System by the ideal combination of lens I.S and Body I.S.

  • I've been shooting video with a 14-140mm on a G7, and the jitter is absolutely there. Really disappointing! So disappointing even that I started thinking about selling the camera again and going for another make. Specifically because Panasonic even refuses to admit there is something wrong. After all, it has been like this for more than a year! If this is what Panasonic is about, I've learned a lesson here. Stating that you cannot use a 14-140mm lens (that has image-stabilisation!) without a tripod sounds to me like a joke from a standup comedian. And what about all these reviews on those specialized sites? While it is obvious, they don't seem to mention it at all. Who should I believe? Can anyone tell me about a believable site for reviews?

  • @Roedie Or just sell the lens and get the older version for cheaper - it's basically the same glass but without any OIS issues.

  • @brudney Thx. The only problem of course is selling a faulty lens - how do you do that? I'm afraid I start to lose my confidence in Panasonic. Thx for the idea though.

  • Well, according to Panny there's nothing wrong with that lens - the issue is in video only; even then most people seem to not notice the jitter anyway (that's why it's never been addressed by the manufacturer, btw)

  • I know. That makes me rather angry. Could be that they know very well, but that it is a much more fundamental problem with the concept of their stabilization system, and that they just hope people won't see it. If that is the case... Future lenses will have the same problem.

  • "...the issue is in video only..."

    Well...maybe not video only. My testing confirmed that the Panny 14-140mm Mk2 lens suffers from "shutter shock" when taking stills using the mechanical shutter (SS slower than 1/500) - a slight blurring or double-image. The only cure I could find at slower SS was the electronic shutter (which has its own issues).

    I don't think it was necessarily a Power OIS issue - none of my other Panny lenses (MEGA or Power OIS) exhibited the same behavior.