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Newbie looking for lenses recommandations
  • Hi. I do some events filming with Lumix cameras (G6 & GH2) using Sigma (Nikon mounts) zoom lenses with RJ adapters. All lenses are at f2.8 max for speed and luminosity. I know that the lowest can go down to f1.4, but I havent been able, so far, to find zoom lenses like this, whatever the brand, especially at a good price (lower than 500 $, used or new).

    Does any of you have any recommandations/suggestions on which zoom lenses (whatever the brand, as long as an m43 adapter is avalaible) I should get with my cams (and which adapters, if needed and unavalaible with the RJ m43 ones) ?

    Thanks to answer.

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  • Fast zoom lenses are expensive; slow zooms are cheap.